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The Bridge Club

The noise level rises as they make their way to the front door greeting one another with hugs and air kisses.  These eight little ladies have been meeting once a month, some twice a month, for nearly 50 years.  They know each other well.  Occasionally, when someone moves or passes away, a new member joins […]


Sometimes things need to be re-blogged just as a reminder. COMPENSATION If it were not for the shadows We should never have the sun. If we never had the night-fall Then day had not begun. If we never knew a heart-ache, Then our soul would never sing. If we never had a winter We should […]

Chance Encounter

Dr. Advice and I arrived three hours early for our annual flu shot.  We were obviously not the only ones who did not read the signs posted on the entrance to the lab giving the times the shots would be given,as there were already twenty or thirty people ahead of us.  The annual flu shot […]

The Virtues of Peanut Butter

A creamy smooth spoonful pressed cool against my tongue, a slightly sweet, slightly salty bite of bliss that sticks to the roof of my parched mouth, leaving me to scour frantically for a swallow of milk.  Of all of man’s culinary triumphs, I dare say that peanut butter is among the greatest of inventions and, […]

Ernie Banks

Ernie Banks was a shortstop/first baseman for nineteen years for the Chicago Cubs.  He became known for his catchphrase which he repeated even in the pouring rain, “It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame.  Let’s play two!”  His attitude was so sunny and infectious he was nicknamed “Mr. Sunshine”.  His own motto was “The whole […]

The Art of Storytelling

I am not religious, nor am I a believer.  However, I believe that children should at least be exposed to some sort of religious education, if only to sort out what they really do believe.  I was immersed in religion as a young person, but left of my own accord before I graduated.  I also believe […]

The Art of Wisdom

Should it be “The Art of Wisdom” or  perhaps “The Art of Knowing What to Overlook”?  My friend Cheri asked me this question over tea last week. I heard an elderly woman speak to a college course my daughter was taking.   She asked the same question of the audience of 20- somethings.  Her answer may […]