Sometimes things need to be re-blogged just as a reminder.


If it were not for the shadows

We should never have the sun.

If we never had the night-fall

Then day had not begun.

If we never knew a heart-ache,

Then our soul would never sing.

If we never had a winter

We should never see the spring.

If we never knew the tempest

We should never love the calm.

If we never knew the wounding

We should never feel the balm.

If we never knew some sorrow

Then our hearts could not be gay.

There may never be tomorrow

But we always have today.

“Into The Storm” watercolor painting by kayti sweetland rasmussen


7 comments on “Compensation

  1. Love that Painting. A baby being born must feel like that horseman heading into the storm.


  2. I love that painting.
    It captures so many emotions.
    Having the rider’s back to the viewer instigates thought.
    The poem is true; it is the balm that soothes.


  3. The same message expressed beautifully in two entirely different ways.


  4. What a Magnificent picture.The POWER !!!


  5. Love the poem, Mom, I am so proud that you are my Mama, I wish I was that brave, riding into the storm, I’m glad that’s how you picture me! Love you!


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