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My Boy Charlie

Charlie is a four year old Jack Russell Terrier.  He gave a down payment on our hearts at the age of seven weeks, and has long since paid off his mortgage.  After a quick reconnaissance, he took possession of a favorite couch, a reserved space in our bed, and laid claim to which times of […]

The Case For McDonald’s

I like Ferragamo shoes, trips to Paris with my daughters, caramel frappachinos at Starbucks, and McDonald’s.    I don’t eat the food there, but the coffee is supreme, and the people- watching can’t be beat.  The price of senior coffee is so fair, you wonder how they can make a living.  The several McDonald’s in our […]

The Lure of the Great Northwest

The sunlight that pops out from behind a dark cloud and decorates the trees with tiny diamonds after the rain, and the fresh smell of cedar in the forest, or the sound of seagulls quarrelling over an unlucky fish that somehow avoided your line, , are a small part of the attraction of the Northwest for avid fishermen.  For […]

Roundup Correction

I apologize for cutting  picture of Russell Andersen in half in the last post!  I’m sure no one noticed, but if he were here, he would notice and wonder what happened to the rest of him! Rancher Russell Andersen, Sunol, Ca. original watercolor painting by kayti sweetland rasmussen, SWA


It promises to be a crisp and sunny day when the early morning mist lifts off the spring green hills.  The live oak trees show their new leaves sheltering all manner of wildlife including the chirping of birds greeting the new morning.  It is the annual roundup at the Andersen ranch in Sunol, California.  Russell […]

What’s In a Name?

“The retrieval of childhood experience is one of the most mysteriously unpropitious of human endeavor,” Janet Malcolm wrote, ” neither of the two ‘I”s through which the story of a childhood is told is trustworthy.”  But Most of the stuff I say is true because I saw it in a dream and I don’t have the presence […]

My Life As a Star

Growing up in Los Angeles during the Depression made one deeply aware of the movie industry, and the great “real” movie stars.  Their faces were on movie magazines, newspapers, and movies were an affordable entertainment on  a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Everyone wanted to grow up to be a movie star.   It was the era […]