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The Old Church

The New Mexican July heat is invasive to the body but not to the adobe churches that hold on to the coolness of winter, releasing a gray coolness slowly throughout the summer.   I have a feeling , walking into this one  , that I am walking into palpable silence.  A lid, or a large gentle […]

Give Us This Day

The sun rises early and hot on a  New Mexico summer mornng, and so do the women who bake the bread for the village.  A batch of 14-16 loaves at a time is a job for more than two hands; on this particular morning, it took six hands to work, and many more to drink coffee […]

Bay to Breakers

First, before the beginning of the Bay to Breakers race 100 years ago, came a time when the City was a kinder, warmer more civilized place to run on a Sunday morning in mid-May.  However, on this particular day, two souls, dressed appropriately in conventional running clothes, boarded the Bart train enroute to San Francisco, accompanied by […]


He wrote a thin book, which was received with great acclaim, so he wrote a second, much bigger book.   I think he said all he had to say in  the first one. I once illustrated a children’s book for a woman who lived on a boat in a Redwood City marina with a parrot.   […]


Everything comes with built-in obsolescence.  The ubiquitous cell phone is no exception.  Wherever you go these days, someone has one pressed to his/her ear, talking or texting.  I don’t talk too much on mine, and I don’t know how to text, but it does ensure that people think you are “with” it, when they see you talking […]

Southwest Odyssey

“Don’t bring too much luggage” telephoned my friend the night before we were to leave on a summer trip to her home in New Mexico.  My friend Georgia had been the fifth grade teacher of my two daughters, and she and her husband had become close friends of ours.  Georgia was an Isleta Pueblo from New […]