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Grandma, God and Aimee

Grandma was what was known in her day as a “good woman”, who fervently believed it her duty to mold everyone into a better person.  Divorced early in her first marriage (to my grandfather), with two little girls, and a boarding house to run, she somehow continued a small boutique millinery business which catered to a […]

My Dad

I didn’t really know my dad.  At least until it was almost too late.  As a small child living within the family at my grandmother’s, he was a recurrent visitor full of fun, who came for short periods between trips to the sea.  He was a young man who had chosen the United States Navy […]


“How does it feel to be a great-grandmother?”  I have been asked this question numerous times in the past few months, and each time I have have unthinkingly answered “Great! in the same offhanded manner we reply “Fine”, to those who inquire as to our general health.  In the latter instance, no one really cares, […]

An Embarrassment

Shame is officially dead in the American public.  We seem to be in a circle of bad behavior.  There are no new sins,  just new ways of committing them.   Each day we see either an elected public official or a so-called celebrity caught in an unacceptable situation.  Most recently,  Rep. Anthony Weiner joined the ranks of […]


Isn’t “burgeoning” a wonderful onomatopoeic word!   It leaves no doubt about who it is.  This morning, after a confusing winter and spring, my garden is burgeoning. Doesn’t everything reduce in the end  to a poetic image? The fig tree fairly bumped into me as I passed it,   One of the red camellias with which I had become […]

San Ildefonso

We eased our car into the large and dusty plaza on a quiet Sunday morning for  an impromptu and univited visit to old friends of Georgia’s.  Most likely everyone was in church as there was no movement or sound to greet our arrival.  The car came to a shuddering stop under a large and ancient gnarled […]