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We presume all people to be rational; they aren’t.  People are complicated.  We each have multiple selves which emerge or don’t depending on context. As a child I was busy collecting a glass slipper, a red riding hood cape and muddy boots and birdseed, hoping Superman showed up to rescue me from the wicked witch’s […]


Do people still lie on their backs and watch the cloud patterns as they slowly move across the sky?  If not, they miss some of the most diverse patterns available to us.  By just using our creativity to imagine what they might represent can add to the pleasure of a delightful summer afternoon.  To me, piles […]


Taos stands resplendent in the late afternoon sun, magnificent against the backdrop of the Sandia Mountains.  Taos is the jewel in the crown of the 19 New Mexican Pueblos, unchanged throughout the centuries, despite the influx of visitors who come to marvel at the three- story architecture still inhabited by this proud people.  The tourist […]