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Halloween is the happiest day of the year!  Kids and adults alike can be as zany as they like, and invariably bring a smile to faces along the way. I saw a woman wearing a bright blue and pink wig like Marge Simpson’s, waiting for the light to change this morning.   Next to her stood […]


All is a circle within me.  I am ten thousand winters old.  I am as young as a newborn flower. I am a tree in bloom. All is a circle within me. I have seen the world through an eagle’s eye.  I have seen it from a gopher’s hole. I have seen the world on […]


The supposedly virtuous act of giving is often instead an act meant to create an obligation, an act whereby the giver measures himself against the receiver and requires a repayment, even if that repayment is gratitude. A  Navajo couple in New Mexico had a child after hoping for one for many years.  The child died, and […]


The English language is very confusing.  There are so many words that mean exactly the same thing.  For example, nude and naked, or house and home.  I’m sure there are numerous others, but what I really wanted to write about was nude and naked, so we don’t need to waste time looking up the others. […]


OK, I may as well admit it, I am not only disappointed, I am downright upset.  After waiting a year to join the rarified list of Fig Growers Anonymous, or at least cause a modicum of jealousy in other fig lovers, I must admit defeat. I envisioned bright shiny jars of dark sweet jam lined […]


Whether to scarify or beautify, man has marked his body in some form or other since time began.  The idea seems to be: since we have skin, we may as well decorate it.  Hair has this quality of change as well.  Which of us is satisfied “as is”.  It’s like advertising a house for sale […]


“What cannot be changed must be accepted.  What is accepted must be endured.  Back when we were a people on foot, running up and down the mountains, we lost our advantage.  People took our land, our children.  We accepted everything, except the loss of our children.  When you look at us now you will see a big […]