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I don’t usually name seasons for the activities they bring.  You know, like Steinbeck’s “Winter of our Discontent”, but this one brought lots of good stuff which culminated in my becoming well-acquainted with several nice men in the medical profession. First, the good stuff included a lovely trip to Carmel, courtesy of our family to celebrate […]


As an artist, I am a people watcher.  I may not remember your name, but I will always remember your face.  I remember a woman I never met who was sitting on the  front steps of an apartment building ten years ago.  She was a black woman wearing a bright dashiki and a colorful scarf around […]


Well, baseball is over for the year, and college football nearly so, and now it’s on to watch those overweight and overpaid   professional behemoths trying to break one another’s bones each week. I was a cheerleader in high school, but I never learned the rules.  It was easy, I just did the routines when all the […]


Julian Barney defines the difference between youth and age: “When we are young, we invent different futures for ourselves.  When we are old, we invent different pasts.”  We have no regular rite of passage prompting people to do so.  But it’s hard to tell a story before it ends. We are not blank slates.  David […]


Two or three afternoons  a week, at four or five o’clock, Great-Aunt Helen would announce to her friends over the bridge table ,”Got to run home quickly and put the onion on!” This was a subterfuge she had used for some 45 years to mislead her husband that his dinner was on the way!  (The odor of […]