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Mothers of boys take note:  Please teach your sons basic survival in the kitchen of their future.  Sitting in the family room reading the paper and watching TV while cooking odors emerge from the kitchen, does not hack it.  It is hard to believe that some men are not familiar with much else in their […]


(in 89 simple lessons!)  Paul Thek taught art classes in the 1970’s and gave provocative long lists of instructions including questions such as “where do you sleep?”, and “on what do you sleep?” “add a station to the cross”, “redesign the human genitals”, and redesign the Taj Mahal”.      Easy and obscure assignments such as those. NY Times writer Dwight […]


An amazing woman passed into the annals of history the other day at the extraordinary age of 99.  She was my mother’s sister and my aunt. As a child the family moved often, often prompting her to say she had attended 52 schools, which though I believe that  number to be apocryphal, it probably was actually a larger […]


It’ s amazing what you can buy these days.  People were standing in line all night just to buy the new iPad3.  What will happen to their perfectly good iPad2’s and 1″s?  Do they just throw them away and will all the information they have gathered remain intact? When these “old” out-of-date iPads which so […]


“Home” is a kind word; evocative of warmth, love, and a re-kindler of memories.  A “hometown” is the substantive place containng these things. But a military family often has many “hometowns”.  I had a different one nearly every year; some of which are remembered more kindly than others. For instance, I have no warm memories […]