This is a thank you note not only for the gift of a new arm, (shoulder really) on the occasion of the 84th anniversary of my birth, but to all the wonderful friends  and family for the cards, gifts of food, flowers and plants  they have given me .  I could not have survived without the help of my two daughters and Dr. Advice the past 2 1/2 weeks.  My daughters ran my house better than I have been able to do for several months, and Dr. Advice has an ongoing commitment for cooking, housekeeping and anything that requires two hands.  He makes a mean chicken soup when he remembers to put the chicken in it.  I owe my dear dentist nephew a special thanks for coming to my house with temporary help when one of my implants failed.  As the late great comedienne Gilda Radner once said in her inimitable Brooklyn accent upon being diagnosed with cancer “There’s always SOMETHING!”

It will be at least another month before I regain full use of my right arm, so Dr. A. will be busy at least that long.  Who knows, we may just exchange jobs at that time since he has done such a good job.  Meanwhile, typing, eating and writing my name left-handed will have to suffice.  I have always admired ambidextrous people.

In  praise of British mystery writers, I have rediscovered several P.D. James books during my forced inactivity.  David Brooks “The Social Animal” was terrific, and I just received “Swamplandia” by Karen Russell, which I saw reviewed on TV and which was praised for it’s use of language.  We’ll see after I read it.

We had my first “outing” this morning, and those who know me won’t be surprised to know that it was to our local Starbuck’s for the ubiquitous carmel latte with extra whip cream! My favorite columnist David Brooks, was not up to par this morning, which left time to enjoy the passing parade.  There was a fascinating Chinese woman, 70 something, quite thin, with a look of intensity and who seemed thoroughly “plugged in” to her tiny laptop.  Dressed in jeans a cool straw hat with sunglasses perched on top, she somehow didn’t fit the tech mold.  Our Lebanese friend working out his Sudoku was sitting alone in a corner.  He told me several weeks ago to buy our own Starbuck mugs to bring each time we came as you saved 10 cents on each  drink, but I forget them each time we go.  I would keep them in  the car, but I never know which car we will be taking.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to know there is nothing I absolutely HAVE to do the rest of the day, so I think I’ll take a nap.