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There is a new baby in our family which made me think again that it’s important to think about what your grandchildren will call you once they acquire the power of speech.  (At least any speech clear enough to decipher.) Your children don’t have a lot of choices, it’s usually some variation of “mama, daddy, […]


It had been a cool and sunny morning when the three of us, Dr. Advice and I and our good Canadian friend Frank, had left to somehow entice any local salmon into our small boat.  We had decided to simply lollygag around Quadra Island, perhaps hooking into a salmon, if not, to collect some oysters […]


Mrs. Lauderback  KSR Of course you realize that we all have an Inner Bitch.  Yes, even you men, though you will have to find your own name for her.  Mine is Mrs. Lauderback, and she was active long before her sculpture came to be.  Her predecessor was taller, snobbier, and more opinionated.  Unfortunately, she took […]


The Naughtiest Snake in the Woods KSR Beatrice Wood’s life was extraordinary in every way.  She was a charismatic artist who died at the age of 105, which was extraordinary in itself.  I only met her twice both times in her home in Ojai, Ca., and was hooked on her whimsical, sometimes naughty clay sculptures.  […]


A friend and neighbor is leaving next week on a 3 week trip to Eastern Europe.  She is a recently retired high school physics teacher  and ruled her classroom with an iron hand for over 50 years!  No, that isn’t a missprint,; she is 88 years old. and even took time out to have children,  […]


While sitting in our tiny garden folly the other day, being scrutinized by the watchcat and other fey creatures I painted on its walls many years ago, my eyes fell on Grusha, and I was reminded again why I had  painted him and his bicycle. I read a story about the Russian trained circus bears, […]