Jazz is a musical style first seen at the beginning of the 20th century. Born from a mix of European and African music it is a restless mix of improvisation, syncopation and blue notes. It is spontaneous and mirrors the vitality of the performer who never plays the same composition twice.

A visual artist never develops a subject twice the same way for similar reasons. A lovely landscape or still-life can be painted hundreds of times and be different each time. Even a portrait will never be the same again. Certainly the light will never be quite the same, but the intensity or desire of the artist will not be the same either.

The most satisfying works in music or art need the concentration and love of the artist.

“Jazz Nights” Oil painting by kayti sweetland rasmussen

The inspiration for any form of art frequently comes unbidden, and results in something entirely different from the original thought. The painting above came about from remembering the little “band” my grandsons and I formed after I taught them to play guitar. Strangely enough, there isn’t a guitar in the painting! It’s original title was “Bammie and the Boys” which was a little “too cutesey” for comfort!

“A Tip of the Hat” watercolor painting by kayti sweetland rasmussen

This painting popped onto paper after a Christmas shopping trip to Harrod’s in London, where I bought a derby for Dr. Advice. It looked very nice on Julianne!


3 comments on “ALL THAT JAZZ

  1. “Jazz Nights”: Wealth of detail mirrors spontaneous vitality of a jazz moment. The detail is so good that the shortness of the trumpet begs me to note that trumpets are longer; the relative shortness of the painted horn suggests that it is a cornet, but cornets are round as opposed to trumpet angularity. Also, all the motion and positions appear very authentic except for the holding of the trumpet and the impractical grasp, by the left hand, of the ‘bone.

    “A Tip of the Hat”: Again, the painting exudes life, especially playful sensuality. The black pattern confused me via the small display of my iPad — it appeared to be a bra (So much for confusion).

    A local artist specializes in painting river rock, river rock, and more river rock. His manipulation of light and his creation of depth is masterful and his work sells. HIs efforts sketching “Hamlet” and “Romeo and Juliet” characters interest me much more. But they are handicapped by his penchant for making all the characters look the same, representations of him.

    Both Ms. Rasmussen’s paintings mirror living moments and real individuals.

    Thank you for sharing.



  2. I love the painting, you are the talent. I bet Dr Advice looked so cute in that Derby.


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