I am a child of the sun and the wind.
My needs are spiritual.
I have only to look inside myself.


10 comments on “I AM A CHILD

  1. I wish we lived closer you could teach me so much. But at least I get to read your wonderful thoughts.


  2. You are so wise and your heart so kind and loving.


  3. The eyes, I’m always fascinated by the eyes in your paintings. I’m sure this proud chief is a painting of yours. What a great hunter he must have been.


    • Yes, Paul, it is my painting.  I see I neglected to put my name underneath.  I actually had Antonio Banderos in mind when I painted him !  Glad you like him.  I wish I had kept him around a little longer.  He was in a show, and sold off the wall and taken before I had even arrived for the reception!~  Galleries are not supposed to take a work out of the show until it is over, but some patrons demand it RIGHT NOW!  I put him on a card I made for the wedding of my wildlife grandson.  I included three feathers I had collected from Italy, Ireland, and from my walking trail.   They liked it. ________________________________


  4. Love this picture the most. The quote is so You.

    Love you Mom


  5. What a piece of work! Fabulous and compelling.


  6. My Dear Cousin…Fantastic-Just like the artist! Love, Judy


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