“Plains Warrior” watercolor painting by kayti sweetland rasmussen

Belongings can’t go with me. I came into this world with none. Why do I keep them.

From an indigenous perspective a person can never own land, but it is always a person’s responsibility to care for land and protect it for future generations.

The white man believes that sacred land must be left alone. The Indian believes in interacting with the land.

To learn who rules over you simply learn who you are not allowed to criticize.


4 comments on “YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU

  1. Wow! Devastating line. The painting is sensational.


  2. I’m just off to tweet that line. It has to be shared widely.


  3. We would be wise to follow the ways of the Native Americans. To live in peace with nature. We need her more then she need us. Beautiful artwork and wise words. Thank you.


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