“People of the Sun” oil painting by kayti sweetland rasmussen

What is this painting asking us: Are we blind to Life’s possibilities? Are our lips sealed to prevent the dissemination of heretic thought?

The rising sun is obviously our touchstone, without which we would forever wander in the terrors of darkness.

Now put this in the context of today’s life.

Do we stumble through life without taking every advantage offered us in the way of work, play and love?

Are we quiet in the face of dissention? Do we keep our opinions to ourselves for fear of disagreement?

The sun gives new life, light, warmth and hope.

Possibly the painting is saying “The darkness is over, it is a new dawn, and you can escape fears of the night.


8 comments on “PEOPLE OF THE SUN

  1. this one wakes up every pagan fiber in me inherited from my Greek half. What beauty, it does make you want to worship the sun. Agia Helios.


  2. Extraordinary painting, Kayti. Magnificent!


  3. Consciousness takes shape as contrast defines.

    Sunlight blinds vision of the cosmos,
    focuses attention on illusion of impenetrable matter.
    Sun set, darkness bares enormity of time and space.


  4. Dawn becomes the glass
    Which transforms reality
    Into mirages.

    — Lory O (Ted’s daughter)


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