daniel Pearl “My father is Jewish, my mother is Jewish, I am Jewish.”

These were among the last words of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, murdered by terrorists. “I am Jewish” was more than just an affirmation of a simple fact. “I am Jewish” meant “My life has meaning and nothing you do will strip that away from me. Even if my life ends now, I have served a purpose.”

The parents of Daniel Pearl, Mr. & Mrs. Judea Pearl, when working on a book of essays inspired by Daniel’s last words, commissioned over 300 prominent Jews to reflect on what the phrase “I am Jewish” meant to them.

I think it is a question all of us could ask ourselves. What profound belief gives your life meaning? Years ago, while playing a parlour game, we were all asked to describe ourselves. My friend quickly answered “I am Catholic”. When I asked her why she answered in that way, she said that everything she had or was, stemmed from her Catholic faith. I have always heard that Joan of Arc’s last words were “Vive la France”!

I think Daniel Pearl’s very important legacy was to serve a purpose in life. Rest in peace Daniel Pearl.


8 comments on “NOTABLE & QUOTABLE

  1. I think, but am unsure, of putting words in a certain order so that people reading them can get some enjoyment out of the words. Words don’t take up a lot of space, so if you don’t like them, just sweep them up in a corner or put them in the garden as mulch.
    Thank you.


    • Don’t worry about it!  It’s the same thing for all of us.  I’ll be looking forward to your words.



    • I think I will be enjoying them all!



      • You are very kind. I used to paint and etch but…a long story. Here are some more words;
        Space and the lack of storing all my paintings forced me into downsizing and decided I would branch off in putting words in a certain order. My first word, if I remember correctly, was ‘exorbitant’ which I liked and followed this up quickly with another one called ‘exhortation’. Both have a nice ring to it, don’t you think, almost musical? It’s the vowels each time followed by the consonants, that does the trick. I am not sure of many words yet, and possibly, that’s the best way to be when writing. Words are inter-changeable and can also be deleted.
        Thank you for reading my words.


      • Lack of storage is  common problem with artists.  I am both sculptor and painter, so I do sympathize with you!  Ah! But words and music.  Another world althogether.



  2. Daniel Pearl’s father is human, his mother is human, he was human.

    What happened to him is a horrific record of inhumanity.


  3. Richard Feynman refused to be part of groups that identified themselves by some -ish, -ism, some excluding parameter(s). He preferred to be regarded as one of humankind, capable of being selfless and selfish, loving and disdaining, etc., …

    Daniel Pearl and Feynman are Jewish. More significant, they were (are) humans of which William Faulkner speaks when he calls attention to those who model the best of huan behaviors.

    — Leroy Sprinz


    • My ignorance knows no bounds!  I have to admit I did not know who Richard Feynman was.  What an incredible resume! merous We have visited Los Alamos a number of times, but came away with Oppenheimer’s printed on my brain.

      A Jewish friend of mine once at a Bat Mitvah , observed correctly that the Jews and the Chinese value education and scholarship.  Certainly something evident by today’s Jewish kids as well as Chinese students.



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