Navajo Grandmother

Navajo Grandmother”, original watercolor painting, Kayti Sweetland Rasmussen

I met an young man of 17 today who made me realize how far out of the loop I really am.

He acts in his school plays wants to be a character actor, not a leading man, because they are more interesting to portray. We talked about movies, and I, an inveterate movie lover, had no idea what he was talking about! Apparently zombies are pretty big in the movies today, and his excitement in telling about these films was infectious. Out of the fullness of my ignorance I tried to enter into the conversation and tell him about movies I have liked in the past, but he had never heard of them. Incredible!

I began to realize that what the younger generation likes abut films today is more about special effects than story line. It took me a minute to appreciate his thinking. It was also more about looking at the film with actor’s eyes, and he’s right—seen in that aspect, they do deliver more punch.

When teaching at the college level, I used to feel part of the chatter, but the kids of today have jumped ahead at the same pace technology has moved.
Nothing lasts, and what a shame that is. Or maybe it is just that it make us antiques feel redundant. But if we are the “beta” generation, there is the realization that today’s kids will take their preordained place in line as well.

Where do all the yesterdays go? Tangled up in a heap in a memory folder. But tomorrows are filed under Hope.

Get back in the groove, Grandma!

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.


  1. Kayti, your painting is extraordinary. Her cheek, like I could touch it. I like this line very much too, “But if we are the “beta” generation, there is the realization that today’s kids will take their preordained place in line as well.” As it ever was so it shall be.


    1. I have always tried to be understanding regarding the efforts of the young to be “themselves”.  but sometimes today’s kids are too far over the top.  I know my parents and grandparents felt the same, but really.  Give us a break!  Hair dyed like a parrot, with tattoos and earrings in and on every conceivable place on their anatomy?  But I will admit tht there is actually a girl who clerks at a local grocery store who fits that description whom I defend because she is so nice to me!  Go figure.  I guess if they aren’t breaking the law why should I bother?



  2. So many kids are confused with their attention being drawn to so many things, it’s a wonder they can still follow anything.
    The movie is now divided into part watching, part eating pop corn or masticating on something, slurping slushies, and full-on texting on cellphones including taking photo’s of the movie they are watching and forwarding it onto the their texting friends whom they have probably never even met.
    It all very mysterious.
    I thing I’ll visit my plot at Rook-wood and buff up the headstone a bit for a week-end of reflection and serenity restoration.


    1. Oh I do agree! And where do they get all the money they spend? I loved the part about “visiting the headstone:”. We just returned from visiting an old friend at his headstone. Very comforting and peaceful. BTW I kn ow I subscribed to your blog, but I’m not receiving them! I love the way you write, but just stumbled upon them in another place instead of my e-mail. What did I do wrong?



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