I have always felt that the mirror takes advantage of our gullibility. For instance, when I pass a mirror, I see a middle-aged blonde woman, who at one time, if not exactly pretty, is at least interesting.


The word ‘interesting’ is interesting in itself. It’s a word people often use to comment on something, rather than telling them what they really think. If they don’t want to insult the artist’s latest effort, which they hate, it seems kinder to tell them it’s interesting.

Some years ago while we were at a family gathering, while watching a cousin across the room, a relative said “You’re not attractive, and I’m not attractive, but she’s attractive. To show that I don’t hold grudges, I am still speaking to her.

But back to the mirror, I was shocked to find from a photograph, that my hair is silver! Everyone else had told me it was, but I chose to believe my mirror. In the 70’s, when hippie clothes were in style, I bought a long denim dress, which I thought was quite cool. But when I saw a photograph of myself wearing it, I looked just like a mushroom in a long blue dress. The mirror had lied once more.


I don’t obsess about my clothes, but I must confess that I do have a fixation about my hair. Along with so many other things that youth steals, I truly miss having good hair. Throughout the years I have invested in numerous wigs and hairpieces in a variety of colors, and it has always been fun. I was greeted by a fairly close acquaintance once at a large dinner party while I was wearing a very cute wig, and she asked to be introduced. What is true is that I am older than I look, and the hair on my head is exactly where it should be given the hard life I’ve given it.

At one time or another, I have been a blonde, had various shades of brunette, or a combination of the two, and for one luau we gave, it even became black. Later instead of actually dying it, I bought a black wig. This was after seeing the movie “Chicago” with Katherine Zeta-Jones dancing her way through killing her husband.

I was astonished to discover that the nice woman who cuts my hair, is wearing a wig! You just never know.

I always wanted to have red hair, since so many people in my family have it, but the only time mine became red was an accident. I gave myself a home perm, and instead of following directions and waiting a certain amount of time, I put some brown coloring on it. It immediately bunched up, became brilliant red, and looked exactly like a Brillo pad, or Harpo Marx in drag.

It would have been OK except that a widower friend of ours brought a new girlfriend to dinner that night to introduce us. She was a pretty and much-younger natural redhead with long flowing curls she had a habit of tossing around during dinner. Worse that that, she arrived accompanied by an unannounced Schnauzer dog, who snarled at my two dogs, a German Shepherd and a large Dobermann, who did not snarl in return. It was not a happy occasion. However, it did put the lie to the old saying that people look like their dogs because she did not look at all like a Schnauzer. And they did not marry.

So what I needed to tell you is not to believe anything your mirror or your friends tell you about your hair. If you think you are a willowy 5″8″, and blonde, then you are, and in the real scheme of things, why does it matter anyway? It’s OK to believe whatever you wish.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

15 thoughts on “YOU CAN’T TRUST YOUR MIRROR”

  1. Very funny. Laughed out loud and Milo was also rolling over the floor. I agree, you are beautiful.
    I prefer no mirrors, too reminiscent of Job on a dung heap .Did your dogs eat the Schnauzer? Good boys, good boys.


    1. Are you sure Milo wasn’t scratching his back on the rug? No, my dogs are semi-polite, so they allowed the intruder to live. I saw the woman with the long red hair recently and it is no longer red, and she seems to have learned some manners! No more hair0-tossing at the dinner table.



    1. I have a good heart! I wonder if you can guess who made the “attractive” remark?! Funny! I can’t drop pictures into the body of the blog as I go along, and I didn’t set things up beforehand to put them in first. It would have read better with pictures, and I had a few. oh well.



    1. Strange how this all comes about isn’t it? Time dims the eyesight at the same time, and memory becomes unreliable! Not a bad trade-off. Nice to hear that the royal baby has arrived safely. We wish them well.



      1. On behalf of 83% of Her Majesty’s subjects in the UK I thank you from the bottom of my heart. (17% are anti-monarchy.)

        It is the joy and wonder in the looks exchanged by the proud parents that are universal and irresistable. Strange how it comes about.

        I look forward to witnessing the baby’s accession to the throne.


  2. Kayti this is good.I laughed till my stomach hurt. The thing with mirrors is that I hardly look in one anymore. Can’t stand the sight of the wrinkles. I don;t look my age eitther or so I’ve been told by younger and attractive women. Ha. just wait I think to myself. you too will be old one day. All too soon our looks and our youth are gone. 🙂


    1. The celebrities like movies stars, newscasters, etc. all have the benefit of on-site make-up artists, hairdressers, etc. As my aunt used to say “They aren’t real, you know”. I guess that would include the boobs as well. My feeling is that we are fine just the way we are. When I look at the bottles and jars of enhancements and “helpers” on my daughter’s bathroom counters, I can’t help laughing just a little while I’m thinking “Just wait, baby—–none of them work..” I’ve already tried most of them. Life is short–get out and enjoy it.



  3. I just loved this. There were plenty of smiles of recognition, let me tell you. I’ve never worried about the color of my hair – what I hate most is that it’s thinning now – but it’s still a shock to go into a public place where there are both mirrors and fluorescent lights. I have plenty of light in my bathroom, but it’s a lovely, flattering, warm incandescent light and the salt in the salt-and-pepper doesn’t show up so well.

    The last time I caught a good glimpse of myself in a fluorescent-lit mirror, I said, “Oh. So that’s why all the nice boys at the grocery are asking if I need a little help out to my car!”

    Of course, working outside every day as I do means keeping my hair in anything but a short, practical way is just impossible. The good news is that I have enough natural curl that our humidity helps rather than hinders – I have what a friend calls “cruising hair”. All I need is a brush (and a hair dryer if there’s electricity around) and I’m good to go. It suits me.


    1. Nothing wrong with salt and pepper!…………….. I think I was always of the mind that if this color looked OK, maybe more would be better?! or even an entirely different look. Like changing your clothes. Do you have any remembrance of Berkeley in the 70’s? Lots of crazy stuff going on then. It was fun and my favorite decade. Because of all my silly fashion ideas, I look more kindly toward the kids today knowing they will probably get over this phase soon.



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