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I have long been an admirer of the octopus. As a small child in Long Beach, playing daily in the breakwater, my mother warned me against the unassuming creatures, telling me to stay away from the rocks where they lived. She had taken me to a terrifying movie where the antagonist was a giant octopus […]


“Mrs. Lauderback at the Opera” Terra Cotta sculpture by KSR It’s a fact that we grow older every day. I have had a great ambition not to be a cranky old battle-axe, but then I never wanted to be boring either. I’m trying to make a bigtime play at being old and interesting. If you’re […]


Dr Advice and Panda The daughter of a friend called me and wanted me to make a wedding cake topper for her parent’s 50th anniversary. My God, I thought. She surely doesn’t want me to make a little bride and groom to sit on top of a traditional wedding cake. Then she made the request […]


Is there truth in advertising? If so, we are in trouble, as half the men in the country seem to be impotent. Television commercials and the sports pages of the newspapers are showing a lot of help for these men with the use of Viagra and Cialis, and now many of the unfortunate souls appear […]