Lincoln with cookie

Standing in the sunlit garden, this small last progeny, munches happily on his giant chocolate chip cookie, bright beams of radiance bouncing off hair in pleasant need of a barber.

Who has not stood barefoot, awaiting his turn for a shower from the garden hose, then bolting quickly through the icy cold spray, thinking to stay as dry as possible, but secretly hoping not to?

Childhood memories of a bygone age, refreshed periodically by other children no less dear, fill my heart as I watch, entranced by this youngest sprite repeating the age-old summer activity.

When did it all go?


4 comments on “BOY WITH A COOKIE

  1. It didn’t. It’s still there in your heart, Kayti.


  2. Thank you M-R. You may be right. The excitement doesn’t vary with each additional offspring. Everything seems new again.


  3. Such a wonderful photo — and who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? What did strike me is the fact that I never once have eaten a cookie with M&Ms in it. To me, a chocolate chip is, always and forever, those semi-sweet morsels that come out of the yellow Nestlé package.

    I think I know the reason. Nestlé Toll House morsels were born in 1939, and M&Ms came along just a little later. They first appeared in 1941, and were first packaged in their brown wrapper in 1948.

    I imagine just that two year difference was enough to embed “Toll House cookies” and chocolate chips firmly in the collective consciousness of housekeepers. M&Ms remained just a candy for a while, and now when we children of the 40s and 50s hear chocolate chip cookie, that’s what we think of.

    I do have a better recipe now, though. Those Toll House cookies aren’t crisp enough for me.


  4. The M & M’s are a new one me too, but they make a lot of sense. Just think; no melting in the hot sun. But however chocolate is embedded in a cookie is OK with me! No matter how many recipes I have seen through the years, the old Toll House one is as good as any. I love the story about the Neiman Marcus recipe which may be apocryphal. A customer asked for the recipe after eating there, which was given gladly, but came with a bill for some astronomical amount, so the hoodwinked customer promptly sent the recipe off the everyone on her mailing list, obviously without paying Neiman’s. She probably didn’t shop there again either. Horrors! Viva la chocolate!


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