In each community there is, or should be, a tiny place where people can congregate and share ideas. Europe abounds with small hidden away places, possibly where artists and writers have scribbled away in the dim romantic past. Ideally it should be old, and carry a history of questionable legality. The coffee should be hot and strong, and should be accompanied by something good to eat.


I don’t know who “Joe” was, but he probably laid claim to this corner in the early part of the 20th century of prohibition fame. Our friends own the property, and Joe may have been an early relative. The little shop remained vacant for 50 years or so of my memory, while people said that “someone” should put it back in business.


A charming lady named Melissa has now put it back in business, purveying soups, salads, and sandwiches, and coffee strong enough to keep you awake for half the night. We met friends there yesterday, and after imagining the days of Prohibition, when naughty people may have surreptitiously slipped into the back room to quickly wet their whistles, we added Joe’s Corner to our morning itinerary.

Joe's Corner

“If it is so that we live only a small part of our life–what happens to the rest of it?” Amadeo Prado


9 comments on “JOE’S CORNER

  1. Ah, just like a bit of Europe. Mind if I join you? How would you like your coffee? One or two sugars?


  2. Cream, no sugar! And maybe a blueberry muffin to tide me over till lunch. They say they used to sell ice cream in the front, and now they do again.


  3. Love the stools out front. It’s always good to see shut down buildings in use again.


  4. I see you have been reading! Thank you ever so much Christine. Glad you have found something in my scribbles of interest.

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  5. Can I come too please? I will have black coffee, no sugar but perhaps a piece of cake?


  6. You are totally invited! And cake is good. At this time of year, I will probably have a pumpkin spice latte to go with it.


  7. It’s not quite pumpkin spice latte time here, but a nice caffe con leche would be great! And I love the stools outside. If I were by myself, I’d probably perch there, but a table would be better for conversation.

    It’s great to see such places opening again. They say restaurants have a high rate of failure, but this is different. I think people do long for smaller, more intimate gathering places.

    I thought we didn’t have anything like that around here. Most of the lovely places are in Houston. But there’s a little café on the other side of the lake that’s been a NASA hangout for years. It’s called Mediterraneo, and features Greek food, but I saw they have quite a coffee list. It’s wonderfully funky, decorated with a combination of astronaut memorabilia and photos of the Greek islands. If it continues to rain tomorrow, I may give it a try mid-afternoon.


  8. Sounds like a plan to me. I looked up Mediterraneo and it looks like a place I would like. I like Greek food too. I imagine that you live on the lake side. Such a lot of water and marinas.
    Lots of business for a boat varnisher.


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