Hello God,

I don’t know if your remember me, it’s been awhile since we spoke. I know how busy you are, but I wanted to tell you about my friend Joan, who just moved in up there. She was one of the best people I have known down here, so I assume she has already settled in. I hope you saved a really nice place for her.

Some acquaintances through the years actually thought we were sisters since we were together so much. If that was so, she was the pretty one. I remember the first time we met. Her boyfriend brought her over to meet Dr. Advice and me. Of course he wasn’t Dr. Advice yet, and she ended up marrying her boyfriend. She was from Texas, with an infectious Texas accent, and we realized we would be best friends forever, which was a good thing because the boys had been best friends since the age of five, and it would have been awkward if we didn’t like each other.

Her mother Rosie from Texas, named her for her favorite movie star, Joan Crawford, which she pronounced “Joanne”, but like a lot of us, she was called by several names: Joan, Joanne, Josie, but she was always “Joanie” to me.

As you know, she had a lot of problems the past few years, so I hope that has all been solved by now. She was a mean competitor on the tennis court, and we hiked over a lot of terrain together. We went on many trips along with our dear husbands. She lost hers some time ago as you know, so if there is a way to connect them again it would be really nice. I know she missed all that. Speaking of being a competitor, I hope there are some bridge groups up there, because she spent a lot of time winning card games. She also kept me up all night once playing Monopoly, long after the boys lost and went to bed, and she finally won that game too at 6 a.m.

She didn’t win the health game though, but she surely tried. I never saw anyone so brave, and determined. As such, she was a great inspiration to those of us who need inspiration. When she lost her hearing, I asked her if we needed to learn sign language, and she said no, they wanted her to learn to read lips. She became a pro at that too. She took up boxing to try to help her balance. I keep a picture of her with her pink boxing gloves.

I suppose by now you have looked into her case and can see what a great mother she was to her children and grandchildren. She kept track of them all so well it made me feel like a real slacker. People who didn’t know her well said she was sweet. I need to tell you she was a lot more than that. She was smart, funny, and a good business woman as well as sweet. She loved meeting people, and really made an effort to meet new people wherever she lived.

It’s been hard to communicate with her the past couple of years, but sometimes just sitting and holding hands was enough. I will miss that.

Anyway, God, I just wanted to make sure you met Joanie, and took good care of her. A lot of people down here miss her.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

31 thoughts on “HELLO GOD”

  1. AK, that was a beautiful way to honor and remember my Mom. Too many wonderful , funny memories of watching the two of you together, the dinner parties, the planning, the decorations – all that you had a hand in. I remember as my passion became a career in being creative. What a true friend you were, have been and always will be to my mom. You know how much she loved you. She was never shy at telling people what she felt and it was all sincere with Joanie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a friend and companion to Joanie all these years and being a ” mom” to us. Love, Cindy


    1. Thank you Cindy. Needless to say I’ve been dwelling on all the fun and not so fun times your mom and I had through the years this past week, and there were too many to remember. Life is really pretty wonderful.

      We have to be grateful we had her for so long. And we are grateful we have all of you. Love AK


  2. This is very moving, Katy R … We are at that age when people we know, let alone those we love, keeping leaving us, aren’t we …? It’s so hard.
    So let’s not dwell on that, let’s celebrate it: WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY ?! I posted about this – everyone’s birthdays – but you didn’t catch it. I will forgive you only if you tell me now. 🙂


  3. Oh yes, she was all that; aptly described only by one who truly knew her and who she truly loved. In many ways we are mirrors in our juxtaposition to one another. And to some extent you have described qualities that you and my mom shared. And that’s why we love you so much. Same generation, shared interests and values, shared love; you and mom have always been the grand ones, the smart ones, the loving and nurturing ones. And so we all carry on and carry forth, as best we can, flying on the wings lifted by those values , attributes and love that describe you both so well – those things that make all of us so blessed, held and loved by the great spirit.

    Love you Kayti.


  4. This beautiful prayer and record of your long friendship are revealing both of Joan and, as Steve notes, of yourself.

    I never met Joan, of course, but the many loving words written here and elsewhere, the more moving on account of her final years, begin to explain the depth of your loss. I share your sorrow.


    1. Thank you Richard. She was slowly taken away from everyone during her long illness, but the young person she was still lived in her mind until even that faded. Now all those good memories are bubbling in the minds of everyone who loved her. It brings a smile to my face to remember them all.

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  5. Such a touching tribute you’ve written here. It’s the best sort — it not only communicates the depth of your loss, it also makes me wish that I’d had the opportunity to know such a wonderful person. Thank you.


  6. Lovely post, Kayti. While it is sad for the people who are left behind, I’ve always felt that there’s a kind of wisdom to dying at this time of year, with winter just ahead.


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