18 thoughts on “OUT OF THE WOODS”

  1. A good hike is only as good as the backpack. Boots are important and a good lighter to tackle the leeches. I like the puddles of sunlight and being cradled to sleep by large trees.
    I understand about rain soaked sleeping bags. Not sure about stopping for candy bars but each to their own when tackling wilderness.


  2. There were slugs, but no leeches! Most of our subsequent hiking was in the Sierras. Lots of rocks to climb, but none of the mossy green stuff. Usually still snow even in summer. We always thought we were the oldest people on the trail. I wonder what they would think of us now. I wonder how I could carry a large pack! Another fun thing reserved for memory.


  3. My favorite sailing boat had a mast made of Sitka spruce. How many times I varnished that thing, twice in a boatyard, but otherwise from a bos’n’s chair. It would be wonderful to see one of those trees stretching up to the sky.

    I’ve never been backpacking, so I don’t know about fitting backpacks, but I’ve been hiking, and I do know how important the right boots are. They really do ease the trails, too — as you know.

    I’ve spent time along the Oregon coast, but know almost nothing about Washington. I’ve been to the Columbia Gorge, but never to any of the beautiful cities or the San Juans, etc.
    Your tales make me want to go!


    1. You never realize how tall those trees are until you’re sleeping under them looking up.

      When we finally got our own backpacks, it took awhile to try a lot on to make sure it fit. I always took cross trainers along and traded off. We have had great experiences and met some great people on various trails.

      Nothing is more beautiful than the Oregon coast with all the rocks, but those deep dark forests are hard to beat. Some of the trails also run very near the ocean so you get that too. I’ll write about the San Juans sometime, we’ve been there many times.

      As far as long distance hiking goes, the PCT is mega tough. My Dad always wanted to do it after they set it up, in 1968 I think it was. But Cheri’s son, actually did it, all 2700 miles from Mexico to Canada! He’s my hero. It takes a tremendous amount of character to brave 3 months on the trail.


    1. Our little 10 day hike in the woods was only amazing to us who had never done it before. It was a chance to see the Rainforest first hand, and be appreciative that the loggers did’t get there first. So many of the forests in the Northwest have been logged into destruction.

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      1. And I have no doubt all the city fathers are telling you it’s because of the need not to lose jobs, right ? – I DETEST that justification.

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  4. So glad you lived to tell the tale, Kayti! A Norwegian woman who survived three days in the British Columbia wilderness has been in our news lately.

    Your sculpture is quite fetching–you really are multi-talented.


    1. I didn’t read about the Norwegian woman. Dangerous at any time to be lost, but especially so at this time of year. So glad she is safe.

      The crazy little sculpture is the type of thing friend Beatrice Woods was fond of making. Sort of an illustration of the occasion!

      In this case, I was still wearing my silly hat and those stiff miserable boots when we came out of the woods.


    1. I look back on this first experience and wonder how green we were. I think it was partly the borrowed backpacks! We thought we were just going for a walk in the woods! But when all our city friends were flabbergasted, we couldn’t wait to do it again. I’m glad the grandkids like it.

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  5. I love this story, Kayti. Thank you. And what a beautiful setting for Emmett’s house. I grew up reading Trixie Belden books and she went on holidays to the Adirondacks and the corner of Emmett’s house is exactly how I imagined Trixie’s holiday home.

    PS. Have you seen the movie, Wild, with Reese Witherspoon? It’s very good, about a woman hiking on her own for several months from Mexico to Canada and conquering her backpack, her boots and many other challenges.


    1. I’ve just finished reading “Wild” and we plan to see the movie. She really told it like it is. We have hiked parts of the PCT, and between camping trips all up and down the coast,we are quite familiar with every place she mentions, so it was a good read. I would never have had the stamina to hike the whole trail even with a companion. We did love back packing, and the thrill of climbing to the tallest peak is pretty exciting.

      I’m glad you liked the post Narelle.


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