Sunset in San Juan Islands photo by KSR

Two weeks ago I was typing away, minding my own business, decided to empty my recycle bin, and suddenly with no warning, over 4,300 files slipped rapidly away in front of my eyes. What did I do to deserve this? Not even the clever tech people could say what happened, but they were smart enough to fetch it back; for a price. The only things worthwhile to me were Art records, so yes, it was worth it to me.

The computer came home clean, with all 4300 files home again, this time in incomprehensible computer language. Being a determined woman of a certain age, I muddled my way through all of them and now life is again running along as it should be.

Among much-loved photos, I found this one of a sailboat at sunset, taken one evening several years ago in the Canadian San Juan Islands. We had pulled into a small secluded cove and dropped anchor for the night. Shortly afterwards this boat pulled in with the same idea and as the sun was setting, presented this lovely scene. A friend aboard with us, unwrapped his bugle and gave a tender rendition of “Taps” to end a perfect day of sailing.



  1. Looks like paradise to me, lovely memories.


  2. So nice mama, that must have been Ed on the bugle Great photo

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Did you learn what happened to your photos? Where they went? How they retrieved them? So glad you were able recover these files.


    • They could give me no answer as to what happened, but with the “recapture” there were hundreds I couldn’t open. Fortunately, some I remembered were already on a flash drive. It was the artwork I was concerned with. By going through some old files I had saved on flash and combining them, I got a great many back. Strangely, I could find much scenery. Too bad. Now have everything on flash including all my blogs.


  4. Glad you have it all on flash. I am adviced to save my ramblings and utterances as well. I used to be able to print direct from WP. Not anymore now.
    People that work with computers need a good sail trip and a serene cove to anchor in.


  5. Hindsight is always better than foresight! I haven’t been able to print from WP for a long time either. What happened?


  6. Hmmm… I never knew that we could print from WP. No matter, since we can’t do it now. I’m glad the gurus were able to help you out. Honestly, one reason I prefer to stay at WP.com is that I haven’t a lick of desire to learn how to do everything that would be necessary to host my own site. It’s enough to keep up with what I have to do here — including getting all those backups done!

    I’m relieved for you. There are several people I know who continue to deal with techie issues, and it can be frustrating. A malfunctioning computer’s one thing. Loss of personal files is quite another matter.

    The anchorage is lovely. Pretty, and peaceful. I’ve always enjoyed lying at anchor — except when the anchor drags!


  7. I have taken your advice re flash backups for blogs, etc. I lost a lot I couldn’t open because so much was frozen in computer language, but the art stuff seems to be mostly there. I’m sure when look back at my book from a couple years ago I will find pieces missing. Oh well.

    We always loved sailing up there. Such beautiful country and lots of nice hiking spots when pulled into shore along the way.


  8. Your photo looks pretty much like home to me! I lost some photos in a computer crash a couple of years ago, so now I’ve hooked up a portable external hard drive and it does automatic backups. This is not to say I couldn’t lose things again. I’ve learned never to be smug about computer systems!


  9. That is something like the three thousandth time I’ve heard Mac users bewail the sudden disappearance of files.
    Never happens to PC users.
    [smiles revoltingly smugly]


  10. I’m glad you got back many of the files, Kayti. God, I can imagine the horror, just typing away, minding your own business, and then the vanishing. Most important you got back the documentation of your artwork. xx


  11. Oh, I’m so glad to hear this, Kayti.

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