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“Taos Man” stoneware sculpture by kayti sweetland rasmussen “Forgiving Our Fathers” poem by Dick Lourie Maybe in a dream; he’s in your power you twist his arm but you’re not sure it was he that stole your money you feel calmer and you decide to let him go free or he’s the one (as in […]


It’s wonderful how one idea can lead to another even greater idea. The human brain is remarkable in its ability to shift gears without actually stripping the original intention. The young George Lucas, had lost the confidence of the movie studio after the cool reception of his first movie. For inspiration he looked to an […]


I know what you’re thinking: “what’s so special about a garage full of books?”, and you’d be right. But I have an attachment for this overflow of books which won’t fit inside my house. I have come to realize that I can go into nearly every room in my house and lay my hand on […]


This weekend we honor our fathers. As in the case of mothers, it is a shame to remember our progenitors only one day a year. For good or bad, our memories of parents obviously vary from person to person. Do we ever get what we want or deserve in a single person? I don’t think […]


Every fisherman or hunter has a few bear stories to tell around the campfire meant to raise the hairs on the back of your neck before bedtime. Some stories are humorous, some scary. The bear is usually the winner. One story told of a large old grizzly who snatched an unsuspecting salmon out of the […]


There is no point in reminding people that Life is no longer fair. We all know that, and each day the scales become balanced in the other guy’s favor. The fashion scale favors the tall, thin and young. I am thin, but not tall and not particularly young. High school reunions bring out the hope […]