There is no point in reminding people that Life is no longer fair. We all know that, and each day the scales become balanced in the other guy’s favor. The fashion scale favors the tall, thin and young. I am thin, but not tall and not particularly young.

High school reunions bring out the hope of putting in an appearance so elegant it will make the entire class wish they had been nicer to you when they had the chance. It’s only human nature.

Though not in San Francisco, Nordstrom is the best we have to offer on our side of the Bay, and I had expectations which after an hour or two were dashed into disappointment.

Clothing today is targeted to the very young and athletic, and in many cases untidy. I covered all departments of the store including the infants and lingerie, and decided that though I was willing to buy, there was nothing crying out for my credit card. The woman who has been my personal shopper for years is approaching retirement, and realizes that high quality elegant clothing is no longer selling.

Lately my husband and I have been watching and re-watching the 1920’s themed TV series “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”. The murders are suitably bloody, the 1920’s music is charming, Miss Fisher is adorably spunky, but over and above all that, the CLOTHES are a fashion triumph. But do they offer any of these garments in the local department stores? Not at all.

We have a large community of Asian people whose women are short, thin and a variety of ages, all of whom are usually well-turned out. I need to make friends and find out where they shop for clothes.

Meanwhile we will be attending my 70th High School reunion, and it really won’t make a bit of difference what I wear—it’s not really about the clothes.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

18 thoughts on “ONE OF LIFE’S FINAL INSULTS”

  1. Well, I am tall and slim but have given up on magic attraction to either sex, am just happy if someone gives Milo a pat. The fashion is indeed towards the very silly young. The more holes the better. My mother would probably have asked to darn or sew up the holes. They do cost a fortune because special machinery is now used to maul the garments to give it authenticity.
    I wonder if the Miss Fisher’s series is the Australian one? It is well made but all the attention is on Miss Fisher and her perfect alure of sexy but deadly attraction.


    1. Yes, the series is Australian. I was curious about the origin of her given name, Phryne. Found that it is of an ancient Greek courtesan, which explains her charming flirtatiousness. I’ve been practicing, but neither Charlie or Dr. Advice are impressed.

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  2. Love this one Mom…. All one really needs to pull the whole thing off is flair, spunk and panache…and you’ve got that hands down. Throw on a great shawl and an interesting necklace and you’ll have them all oogling. You always have. Now, about establishing a company that makes and sells clothes like Miss Fisher…..something to ponder. I am sick of al the cheap, trendy, ill-fitting clothes

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    1. You will think us crazy, but the series we get is of 26 segments, and we are on our third time! I always see or hear something new which I missed. I sometime want to shake Dorothy and get her out of her convent mentality.


  3. I don’t know the Miss Fisher mysteries. I must do some exploring. (I just did some exploring. She’s everywhere, including Amazon. Noted.)

    As for the clothes — oh, gosh. I had occasion to do some shopping a couple of weeks ago, and was astonished. When did they bring back spandex? I actually found a top I loved, but when I tried to put it on, it was like trying to voluntarily climb into a strait jacket. The thing was lined with spandex. Apart from everything else, it would be hotter than hades. This is Houston. We need 100% cotton, not spandex. Well, at least I do!

    I’ve never been to a single one of my reunions. Maybe I’ll make my 70th — looking forward to reports from yours!


    1. I used to like the Eileen Fisher brand (no relation to Miss Fisher!) It fit well and had lovely natural fabrics with colors that blended well with each year’s line. Styles were just a little off-beat with some “panache” as my daughter coined it. Now they’ve changed everything and upped the prices. Sort of like the nickel candy bar that sells for $1..25.

      I remember my 15th reunion. They read a note from one girl who said she wasn’t coming because she didn’t want to be there with “all those old people”! Somehow I get roped into being on the committee. I’ll let you know how this one goes.


  4. I love the Mrs Fisher series too! And I know just what you mean about clothes. I can hardly find a thing I like in the stores. I think the fashion industry in North America has got it completely wrong. Real clothes for real people, clothing made beautifully and to last, would actually sell. I don’t want to wear the latest piece of tinsel.

    I suggest a shopping trip to Europe. It’s a bit drastic, but I love their attitude to things – simple, classic, elegant and well made.

    I hope you have a great reunion; I’m sure you’ll knock their socks off!


    1. We need to book a flight to Paris sooner rather than later! Parisian women do it right. Always simple, always elegant and well turned out. Many years ago on my first trip to Paris, I realized we had it all wrong here. American women would be willing to pay for beautiful timeless clothes, but it’s possible to be well dressed in our work/play clothes, and it doesn’t have to cost a bundle either. I know you were recently in Paris, I was envious!


  5. Hi Kayti. You already know I’m a fan of Miss Fisher’s clothes. It’s the combination of drama and elegance, do you find? I defy any woman to wear one of her outfits and not own the world with confidence and swagger. I’m with you and your daughter: we need to create a Miss Fisher collection!!! Best wishes for the reunion. I chickened out of one last year so I’ll watch yours with interest 🙂


    1. Oh we would have so much fun at the exhibition! In looking through the Miss Fisher sites, I missed this one, but there are a couple others about the costumes too. I was with one of my daughters today and she said she was going to order us each a Phryne Fisher bob! I said not to have mine in black, I don’t think it would flatter me!

      There is a fabulous fabric store in San Francisco—Britex–which has 3 floors of unbelievable fabrics. Just the kind they use for her costumes. I will be interested in what you think after you see them. You are so lucky! Ha ha!

      It isn’t often we find a TV series so captivating. Even Dr. A loves her. Seriously, I think it’s her spunky personality more than anything.


  6. Kayti, I went to the Miss Fisher exhibition and you hit the nail on the head. It’s her and her personality more than anything. The clothes are certainly beautiful, and I got it was Phryne I really want to see. More to the point, it was Phryne I wanted to be 🙂

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  7. I am tall, which I hated back in the day, and slender, but not young; and I despair when I shop because everything is styled to be skin tight, which I’ve never done. Sometimes I think I should take up sewing all my own clothes again. If only my eyes were sharp enough! Thanks for a fun post.


    1. I am short and small and hate it, and despair because I am not younger. In view of my High School reunion, I went shopping again today. I came home with something this time, but it was a struggle. It would be so nice to be able to sew again, but my eyes too are losing their luster. Thanks for your comment Aunt Beulah.


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