I’m back and please don’t tell me you didn’t know I was gone. Christmas arrived with great hope which soon disappeared into a miasma of hopelessness. For some reason, through no fault of my own obviously, pneumonia struck Christmas Eve, and put me into the hands of the good folk in the local hospital. It was a grand experience to say the least. It is very disconcerting to find that you cannot breathe. But I am home again and on the way to becoming my usual annoying self.

I found renewed appreciation and gratitude to all the medical people who kept me going during my stay in hospital. I learned that there are “travel nurses”, which I never knew of. I had heard of Doctors Without Borders who go from country to country, but these girls who sign on to be a travel nurse, sign up with a company, some of whom allows them a choice of numerous states including Hawaii and Alaska. They come for a period of 13 weeks, and there are some nurses who decide to just travel; no home base, no ties, just keep traveling and seeing the country.

The two travel nurses I had were from the East Coast, one from Upstate New York, the other from Kentucky. They are skilled in many different disciplines, and give a great sense of security.

They get a housing stipend of about $3700.00, and find their own living space, and when the 13 week contract is over, they get a nice bonus. I asked why they had chosen California, and they both said Northern California pays the most in the country.

I came home to find half the wall in my dining room filled with oxygen tanks, and a cable tether which allows me to travel all over the house. I don’t plan to stay tethered for long, but in the meantime, it’s very nice to say “I don’t want to do anything today!”

Two close friends met at our front door bearing chicken soup the day I came home. I am more grateful than I can say for all the loving care of these “visiting angels”. They gave such hope to a dear husband who at nearly 90 has never mastered the preparation of food, and finds it difficult to do even minor clean-ups! Mothers, take heed; teach your sons how to live alone and like it.

It appears we will need some help around the old place for awhile, and so a lovely young woman is coming next week to see if she likes me and if I like her.

Life should always be filled with new experiences, and we can always learn. Remember: You only have to know one thing; you can learn anything.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

31 thoughts on “I’M BACK!”

  1. I was getting worried. Phew! Glad you survived. Pneumonia is a real bitch. You take care Kayti. We get a shot for that every five years but is no guarantee against it. Nurse used to come to our place and feed me anti-biotics direct in my veins while Helvi fed me chicken broth. (lovingly)Miss Pneumonia visited me too.


    1. I was disappointed. We just got another “forever” pneumonia shot a couple of weeks before. It doesn’t work! Chicken soup does the trick. Two dear friends came equipped with chicken soup the day I came home. It’s probably why I am getting so healthy!.

      I have several of your blogs to catch up. I’ve missed knowing where you are in your book.


  2. I am so elated to see your blog post, AK. You are a fighter and clearly, this recent battle with pneumonia is one where you came out on top. All things considered, you looked pretty good yesterday! Watch out that both Charlie and Dr. Advice don’t step on your oxygen leash…Start pushing those 3 lb weights, stand up and sit down 5x three times a day, and sip as much chicken soup as possible. As Maurice Sendak once wrote, ” Sipping once, sipping twice, sipping chicken soup with rice! Welcome home!


    1. You sweet girl! All the delicious food you brought me will certainly either make me well or fat! This is such a humbling experience. I have always told people one has to learn to receive as well as give, and these expressions of love are so overwhelming I am living in a glow.

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  3. And here I had you reclining in your chaise, eating bonbons and the occasional grape Dr. Advice peeled for you. Trotting off to the hospital is no way to celebrate. I’m so glad you’re home, and on the mend. You have permission to be as annoying as you please!

    I had my pneumonia shot about three years ago, and now I’m going to have a little talk with my pharmacist. He told me that one was enough,but given what you and Gerard said up above, things may have changed.

    The traveling nurses sound interesting. I had no idea such program existed. And I certainly am glad that you’ll be having some help at home. I took a look at some Nepalese recipes, and now I’m hungry. We’ll be awaiting bulletins, eagerly.


    1. I knew you would be interested in the travel nurses with your medical background in Liberia.
      The lady who will be taking care of us is Mexican so I hope I can increase my cooking skills. She seems really nice and comes with great recommendation.
      We just had our second “forever” pneumonia shot but it obviously didn’t work. Gerard says they get them in Australia too. It’s sort of like the “forever” stamp; you still have to pay each time!


  4. ohhhh Kayti…well you’re back home..My goodness what a “scary” ‘experience’ you had.. so happy you are MUCH BETTER even tho you are TETHERED..! but this is a good thing..You can’t argue with the TETHER.. you MUST be tethered..xox Dr. Advice will be good…and let you rest my dear. Your story regarding your care and your nurses is just soooo wonderful. Youre going to like the woman that will be helping you, I’m just sure of it. Most important for you to have the help you need. I’ll be thinking of you and knowing you are still getting the best of care, my friend. Dr. Advice will SEE to it. love you, me >


    1. I’ve been thinking of you lately and wondering how your hands are getting along? I know the pain you have been having for so long. I hope your holidays were wonderful with your sister. I always think of you especially at this time of year remembering the beautiful snow scene you lived in when Bob was alive. It was like a Christmas card. My friend Leroy has been sending photos of the snow and the deer at Yosemite. We are beginning to get some rain which we need badly. Take care.


    1. What a lovely compliment Richard. As my Navy father always taught me; get up and do it yourself no one else will. Now I just have to teach Dr. Advice to “do it himself!” He and Cheri’s father were quite a pair, her mother and I had a lifetime of head shaking trying to figure them out. I blame it on their mothers. They needed to teach them cooking 101! Happy New Year to you and Glynis.


  5. Poor you and poor Dr. Advice! I hope your recovery continues apace. The ability to cook is definitely an attractive quality in a man. My son can cook, but I don’t think I can take any credit for it. I’ve always believed that anyone who can read can cook. However it happens, I hope you’re being well fed.


  6. So glad you’re on the mend, dear Kayti. We’re just a few minutes away, if you need anything … please do call. Keep feeling better!


    1. Isn’t that a prophetic comment, Narelle. So true. So true. The real “us” has little to do with so much of modern culture. What is your opinion?


    2. The real “us” is something a lot of people are afraid to explore. It might change the “us” we would like to be. But you can’t change your soul. If you don’t like it, you always have the opportunity to work on it. It’s called second chances.


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