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MATY Kate’s Journal

“The Colors of Our Lives” watercolor by kayti sweetland rasmussen As the artist, it is within our power to change the name of a piece of art whenever we choose, so the original name of this painting just got put up on the shelf. People, as well as paintings, flowers and sunsets. bring color into […]


Tucked away on a back street in the town of Dublin, California an old cemetery lies under the sheltering arms of ancient trees. A cemetery holds the history of a time, a place, and a people. The artifacts and the stone architecture remain as a reminder–a record of their existence. The valley was settled by […]

SLOW AHEAD Kate’s Journal

A strange title perhaps, but that describes the motion taken after a large surgery. My “short vacation” didn’t send me home tanned and energetic, still wallowing in the pleasures of days on a sunny beach somewhere, but it DID get me back home. The 4 1/2 hour surgery installing a donor vein in my right […]