MATY Kate’s Journal

Swirls “The Colors of Our Lives” watercolor by kayti sweetland rasmussen

As the artist, it is within our power to change the name of a piece of art whenever we choose, so the original name of this painting just got put up on the shelf.

People, as well as paintings, flowers and sunsets. bring color into our lives. Life would be a pretty dull place if that were not so.

When I was recovering from pneumonia last January, the family council decided that the old girl needed someone to look out for us. That was when Maty came into our lives, bringing the brilliant sunshine of Mexico.

We decided that I could help her with English while she polished up my Spanish. My first new word shortly after Maty came, was “escolera”, when she needed a ladder to reach the top of the bookshelves. We frequently get stuck in our own language, but she is quick to check the translator on her cell phone.

She likes to visit the Thrift stores in town and color coordinates all her clothes, including her shoes and jewelry. Along with all this, she actually sings while she works, something I never did. Perhaps that is why things are so much cleaner since Maty came. She is like a colorful hummingbird flitting around the house.

Since my leg surgery, she has become a stern taskmaster, ordering me to sit down, elevate my leg, and stop trying to help.

You can hardly live in California without eating and cooking Mexican food, and until Maty, I have always prided myself on the cooking of that culture. We have reached the stage where we are exchanging recipes as old friends do. She has taught me that most of my Mexican cooking was not the same as hers , and who am I to argue! Last week she made at least 100 tamales both chicken and vegetable. I think we need to throw a party and soon!

Maty has enhanced the colors of our lives, and we are so blessed to have her.


23 comments on “MATY Kate’s Journal

  1. That sounds idyllic—a helper who sings and cooks! So glad you are getting the help you need. She seems to be really concerned about your well-being, lucky you!


  2. A great solution. Singing and exotic food. I am always amazed at your water colour paintings. Your piece is giving us food for thought too. Say hello to Maty.


  3. Such a sweet blog aunt Kayti. You must be doing well. Sending love and hugs. Linda ( your favorite niece )

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  4. Love this post, Kayti. I’m so glad you two have hit it off so well. Bisons, no, not bisons ….bisous


  5. Lucky you, and lucky Maty! It is wonderful how much good can come from bad experiences. Forget hospitals and care home, everyone should have their own Maty to help them fully recover. Also love the painting! ps I am coming to the party, whether I am invited or not! 🙂

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  6. A perfect solution for difficult problems, Maty is. And a real blessing, too, in so many ways. Thinking about music and colors — and Mexico and the Spanish language, for all that — there’s only one thing to add. Enjoy!


  7. So glad you have such a wonderful companion. I’d like a Maty in my life too! x

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  8. So glad to hear you have the help you need and a beautiful addition to your life, as well. What a difference a generous and cheerful person can make.


    • That is so true mrsdaffodil. Our spirits are lifted when we are around a cheerful person, while we get dragged downward when with a negative person. I love talking with my granddaughter, or even reading an e-mail from her. She is so upbeat and funny it makes me feel as if I am too!

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  9. What a wonderful helper you have . And ahe is lucky to have you!


  10. How lovely is your sentence, “She is like a colorful hummingbird flitting around the house,” your appreciation of Mayti, and your renamed watercolor. I enjoyed this post very much.


  11. Some history and personal memories, seasoned with tolerance, humor, and pain, served with patience and love: complements to Lake Woebegone.


  12. I own your watercolor “Balk”.
    I love it.
    Your work is amazing.


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