We are in another long heat wave. The garden seems to shrink into its cooler self, and the blossoms on the hydrangea have dried up early due to lack of enough water. The heat rises from the bricks and the corners of the garden under trees which look cool and inviting, aren’t. It’s a day to stay indoors.

Yes, those are my feet atop a stack of pillows. A side effect of the leg bypass is swelling. Knowledgeable medical practicioners smugly assure that elevating one’s legs will restore a matching pair. The reality is, it won’t work unless you elevate 24/7. If I have to do this again I will have to get a better looking pair of pajamas.

We went to the local diner this morning. You can’t miss it; the life-size figure of Elvis strumming his air guitar out in front gets you moving in the right direction, and the food is not bad either.

We have two hardware stores. One at either end of town, and both owned by nice people. If Dr. A goes missing, it’s been a fair bet that for over 55 years he could be found at Dale Hardware. It’s a guy thing, of course,and as such it needs to be visited several times a day. Much like checking your e-mail or looking at Facebook.

One way or another you become known to others by the times you show up, and Dale Hardware is no exception. On the way into the store, a young and pretty employee smiled and said “Hi Sam!” When the concierge saw us he called “Hi Trouble!” In the space of two minutes several other “Hi Sam”s were exchanged. It’s very folksy and makes you feel welcome. He didn’t buy anything. I think sometimes he just stops by to visit.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

11 thoughts on “DAILY DRIVEL”

  1. Yes, hardware shops used to be a bloke thing but a change is in the air. The management of a large hardware chain ‘Bunnings’ is changing all that. They advertise ‘women classes’ with demonstrations on how to use tools. The enticements include using routers, concrete demolishing jack hammers and even welding and cutting equipment with visors, in case their husbands need to be taught a lesson.
    They provide child minding and sandwiches. After the course is completed the women all get T-shirts with ‘I’ll do you next’ written on them. Men, of course get a bit alarmed when the wives get home and slink into their shed.
    Nothing wrong with you legs, Kayti, or the jamas.


    1. What a great idea your hardware store is bringing about, and then supplying child care and sandwiches. An idea our hardware stores might adapt. I learned to handle tools from my father; first to impress him and then because I liked knowing how to build or repair things. Working at the foundry was great too. As you know, a sculptor has to learn a lot of building skills.


  2. I just went to our local hardware store today, to get some Permethrin to dispatch some asps that suddenly showed up. After getting stung by one last year, I’m showing them no mercy.

    When I go to Kerrville, in the hill country, one traditional stop is Gibson’s — more a variety store than a hardware store, but definitely old-fashioned. It’s the place where you can find what you need: horehound drops; a chimney for your oil lamp, a galvanized bucket, a flour sifter, oil cloth tablecloths. Oh, I love that place! And chatting with anyone around is part of the fun. That’s one reason they keep some chairs out front — for the ones who’d rather just chat than shop, or offer advice to the guys checking out the barbeque pits and deer stands.

    I think your pjs look quite spiffy. All of the e-readers and other gadgets do come in handy in such circumstances — they’re much handier than the clunky old laptops.


    1. I LOVE those old country stores. Could spend all day just rooting around. I wish we had something like that here. There was one along the Hood Canal in Washington like yours. We called it “Grandma’s” although none of us really knew her. The family which owns Dale’s have been friends for many years, with our children going to school with theirs. Starting with a small store it has now grown beyond belief with the second and third generation expansions. It now has a lumber yard, nursery, summer furniture etc. The nice thing about it is that somehow it has kept its connection to its customers personal. Every employee is cross-trained and stays there until they retire.

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  3. When I lived in Bristol there was a wonderful hardware shop close to where I worked. One day, for the first time, I visited its sister store a couple of miles away. As I walked in I did a double take. It was exactly the same size, the same layout and even the same man behind the counter (he must have worked in both stores or he was one half of a very identical twin). It was most peculiar. By the way I love your pyjamas!

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    1. I thought twin immediately! Strange. It would give one an unsettling feeling I imagine.
      My daughter gave me the pj’s several years ago—Costco! That’s one of those big box stores you can get anything including gasoline for your car. BTW did you ever get your car back?

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  4. I haven’t heard mention of “Daily Drivel” in a long time. It’s an apt phrase for the little annoyances and small triumphs that take up most of our time.


  5. Thanks for allowing us to drop in on your day. Your hardware story made my day. I had an uncle whose favorite day was Saturday because he could go to his local hardware store, get a free hotdog, and wander.


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