The big 70th celebration was a success. Food, drink and convergence of family and friends affixed their stamp of approval and sent us once more into the brink. I am again in awe of the daughters who made it such a grand success.

Sitting this morning in the quiet garden with only the company of a few visiting hummers, I tried to recapture the happy assembly which gathered last weekend. Sometimes it is easier to retrieve conversations and memories after a day or two of recovery.

The guest beds needed to be changed and rooms set back in order. While engaged in this chore, I remembered a remark a grandson said which touched my heart. His youngest child, a boy, was unable to come to the party, and my grandson said he had been looking forward to sleeping in his own ‘little boy’ bed with his son. Another day, another time, but it told me that perhaps this bed held happy memories for him. The twin beds in this room had belonged to Dr. A when he was a boy, and after that, they were part of a daughter’s bedroom. They are nothing special, but how do we know what dreams were dreamed while asleep in them through the years?

I will admit that my decorating skills are pretty eclectic, and cover a multitude of things I like, whether they appeal to a proponent of Home and Gardens or not. There are a couple of bears from Harrod’s sitting on antique ‘potty’ chairs in the breakfast room which I rather like, but while sorting things out, I discovered one had gone missing. I sent out an amber alert to no avail and hoped he would be happy in his new home. But while changing the bedding on the ‘little boy bed’, I found he had chosen to join the other bears in the ‘children’s room’. I don’t blame him, it must be discouraging to spend your life on the pot.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

16 thoughts on “AFTER THE BALL”

  1. I loved this post Aunt Kayti! I am sorry we were out of town and missed your anniversary party! I am remiss but hold you and Uncle Sam in my thoughts. How have you made it this long?! Hope this note finds you well. A big hug and kiss to you! So glad your daughters made it a special day. I hear my brother Steve! Lucky him! Love, Cindy

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  2. That was a happy end for the bear.

    It’s odd how memories linger. Many years ago and at the local Dutch club in Sydney with a live band playing endlessly different waltzes, Helvi and I with many others ended up dancing, and so did my parents. Dad, who wasn’t a dancer, just slowly walked forwards and Mum just slowly jigged backwards. Not once did my dad think of doing a turn, kick a leg sideways or do a bit of a swirl. No, just slowly walking, no waltzing. Even so, both looked happy and that is what counts.


    1. What a sweet memory of your parents. I think my Dad took dancing lessons during the War so that he could dance with my mother who loved to dance, but I never once saw them in action. They took a trip to Hawaii many years later, and went to a couple of night clubs, so I’m sure he was able to show off.

      The bear is once again nested on his chair.


  3. Ohhhhh dearest Kayti..Happy 70th and I can just see you all at the BALL..with your wonderfully sweet family. My very best love to you and Dr. Advice..Your wonderful words and all the knowledge and wisdom is everlasting in my brain as you write..and I don’t goodness I WANT to answer and sit and visit for an AGE with you. My life is good but so overwhelming right now cuz I just purchased a mobile home in SantaRosa..of all places!hahah Where I met Bob in “62 and spent the first nine years of our married life..before we movedto our mountain cabin. Actually i think I told you that I moved to S. Rosa in 1949 when my sis was 2yrs and I was 13…and spent many good years there and even better years after meeting my Bobby. I know you know of mysis and I living together in Bakersfield..All is well and sis and together thought of moving back to Santa Rosa, andshe wants to rent but i wanted to thru the roller-coaster of life…We did it. She moved into a lovely apt. and I bought my mobile home and am living in a wonderful Park in Rincon Valley and am purchasing new things for my OLD home..i say that cuz it’s a well kept home but truly and old home..which i find appealing in a financial its’s got “good bones” and am enjoying the fixing up in some ways..(only way i don’t enjoy fixing is when I can’tdo it MYSELF.) ladders for sure.  I my, didn’t mean to go on..but have wanted to answer each one ofyour pieces..and hope YOURE HEALING UP JUST FINE….knowing you, you ARE. When my overwhelming-nessENDS ..i will let you know, for sure. My kids (oldest son,Bruce and wife are still working and have helped no endwith all manner of things..I’m loving getting to see  my kids and grands and even Great-grandkids now and then andI’ve only been here since August…life is good.. soo content that my sis is now very happy too..and her apt. is just 7 minutes away…teehee we clocked it. Please Take good care of yourselves…I’msoo happy to be in Northern you very much,Joyce

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  4. Your comment about needing a little time for the memories to solidify, and for the details to emerge, reminded me of those wonderful paint-with-water books I had as a kid. How they worked, I don’t know, but when you wet the black and white pages with a brush dipped in water, the colors appeared: fresh and vibrant.

    I’m so glad it was a good celebration. I loved the story of the bears. It reminded me that I really ought to watch the film “Paddington” again. It was such a delight, and a little extra delight in our lives never hurts.


    1. I liked that movie too. Sam had made up his mind that he didn’t like the actor who also played in Downton Abbey, but when he saw him in Paddington he decided that he liked him. Crazy.
      Maybe I’m getting old (no!) but sifting through all the various memories of a large gathering is a large part of the pleasure of a party. One can also think about what you should have said and didn’t. It also lets your mind process the interaction between guests. It was all good but I’m glad there are no more big celebrations in sight.

      Speaking of which, when is your 70th birthday? 70 looms large this year.


      1. Oh! October 23. With any luck, I’ll be in the middle of Arkansas, looking at wonderful things. We’ll see. I’m nearly beside myself trying to figure how to get everything done at work that has to be done, not to mention doing the research that needs doing before I go. I’m making a run to Kansas City to see my aunt first, and then will come home, regroup, calm the cat, and take off again. That’s as much plan as I have — now you know everything I know!

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