September comes and lived among us matching the colors of my dreams. Then she quietly slipped away as October unobtrusively turned the page, and began another phase in the cycle of Nature. All in all, she was a courteous and well-mannered guest. The land had absorbed heat in spots foreign to such heat, and plants withered and died without necessary water. But though a hundred things may be wrong, a thousand things are right, and completely in order.

A skein of ducks or geese, intent on answering their age old call to the south, flew high in the sky the other morning. Winter will come, as it has for millennia, in spite of our expectations as to the weather.

Whether it was ducks or geese on their lofty journey, I cannot say, but the sound of their passing was comforting, knowing it as another sign that all is right with the world.

While ducks are thought of as privileged and charming creatures, geese are much maligned by descriptions such as “silly goose”, etc. I agree that geese can sometimes be loud and annoying, but they are useful as guard dogs in many cases. Because of their profound family sense, Penny. our small dachshund, refused to walk again after being attacked by an angry Father Goose protecting his nesting partner. My mother’s geese in Grants Pass, Oregon, lived lively lives across the ditch, and heralded the approach of anyone brave enough to come across the small bridge. A friend was given a few baby geese who instead of bonding with her as hoped, made it necessary to simply throw food over the fence for them.


In spite of these unpleasant qualities, we must thank the goose for its feathers to fill warm duvets and pillows when winter bares its gnarly teeth. As writers we must thank the goose for the quill, which enabled those who came before us to write down their thoughts so that we may wonder at their brilliance, and gain the knowledge which gives a foothold in teaching those who follow us.

Thinking back to my early Latin study, our word pen comes from penne which meant feather or quill. Just think, the lovely Italian pasta penne, really means feather. I guess that would be food for thought.

Goose plumage feathered the arrows which indirectly won the Battle of Hastings, which was a major turning point in English history. Goose feathers on the longbow was as epochal as the invention of the bomb today.

November is just over the hill to the east and will bring a sweet chill.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

17 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER COMES”

  1. Goose down sleeping bags… the best Kayti. Many a cold night in the far north, I appreciated their warmth. And who can resist the call of geese passing overhead, chatting away and saying “Pack up and follow me.” Enjoyed the blog! –Curt


    1. Gerard calls them “Danish doonas” I had to look it up—it’s just a duvet. This is a nice season saying goodbye to summer, nice as it was. I will welcome a warm sweater when November comes. Too bad the Canada geese decided to stay some time ago. They are messy and noisy.


  2. I love the turning of the seasons. Just before I left on my trip, the ospreys arrived, and a few flocks of white pelicans. I saw some Canada geese browsing a field behind a Walmart my first — or second — night in Arkansas. Clearly, they were Arkansas travelers!

    I have a collection of clothes for all seasons in the trunk of the car, but so far there’s been no need for a jacket or sweater. It’s been cooler than Houston, for sure, but it is only mid-October, and just lovely. But if the cold snap comes, I’m prepared. Actually, I’m prepared for about anything. I even have my muck boots with me, just in case I run into some muck. 🙂


    1. We have not had white pelicans this year. The ordinary ones come to the Lake, but the white ones are so special to see. We are having a real dearth of birds in the garden this year. Only the hummers, which are annoyed when the feeder is not full. An occasional finch comes, but even the doves are gone. I hope they remember us in the spring. I love the changing seasons too, although as you know we don’t see much change here in the Bay Area, they just slip one into another. I haven’t been to Arkansas. A friend moved there some years ago and taught at the University. She said it was lovely.
      Good thinking on your part to be prepared with the right clothes—just like the Boy Scouts, Always Be Prepared.

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    1. Yes, this is a man made lake of 50-60 years, and I recollect when it was made because I used to take my Camp Fire Girls there when there was no lake. We had no geese at first, and just let them stay because they were cute and made everyone think they were in the country. When they began to overstep there welcome, we got dogs to discourage them, but they became friends. The rangers tried breaking the eggs, but it is a large area and not practical, plus disturbing to some people. So here we are with an ever-expanding community of Canada geese who don’t remember the map to Canada!

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      1. The dogs and the geese became friends – that’s crazy! These Canada geese are making a nuisance of themselves in a lot of other places, I’m afraid. They’ve tried the egg shaking thing here, too; not much of a success for the reasons you point out.

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