Lady in the Mist

Amazing who jumps out of the mist when you aren’t looking! Now trying new paths in paint, I find it disturbing to sit and stare at a piece of paper wondering just what I will paint. After several days of abstraction and distraction, it occurred to me that what I am really attracted to in depicting in paint is people.

I had had an image in my mind which never seemed to come together. After painting, washing, scrubbing I ended up with a pale nothing.

As I prepared to toss it in the bin, I turned it around and this image showed up. Where my tree root had been was actually a lady leaning forward. I have no idea what is of interest to her in what was meant to be greenish rocks, but there she is! I decided to let her remain a misty image perhaps from a distant past.


11 comments on “LADY IN THE MIST

  1. We never know what lives in our imagination, coming out to surprise us when we begin the creative process! This is beautiful!


  2. How wonderful, Kayti! What a great process. I am lying in bed following a total hip replacement. I’ve been thinking about the difference between paintings I’ve approached in a cerebral way and the ones, like yours, that are more intuitive. There’s no right or wrong – just keep painting!


  3. The best of art is often produced when we hardly know what we are doing. Most art that is too pre-conceived ever ends up as being truly creative. (Desiderius Orban, who was my Hungarian art teacher many decades ago)
    A great painting, Kayti. I am glad you put your name to it.


  4. I find what you have done (and the patience to withhold a bin dump) just like writing. I would tell my students when they complained of writer’s block to start writing anyway. Some thoughts would materialize in the brain and poof! A piece of writing. Good advice for a beginning painter. Only three more days until your birthday!


  5. Exactly. It may not be what you hoped for, but just close your eyes and do something. Can you believe I will be 89 in 3 days? What happened to the time?

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  6. You know what’s funny? I like the second painting as much as the lady. I would have called it “Prairie Dawn.” It looks for all the world to me like a bit of prairie grass washed by sunlight. On the other hand, the lady’s beautiful, and reminds me of much of your other work. I didn’t see rocks, but a lovely flower, with the lady right smack in the middle of it, getting an up close and personal look at its petals.


    • Well there you go–it just needed a poetic description from you! I never thought of myself as a painter, but after starting out as an oil painter, I was fascinated by the unsuspected beauty of watercolor flowing on the paper. Now I just have to let it do what it wants to do.


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