For lack of a better titla we’ll call this one “Spring Melt”

We in the Bay Area are not accustomed to triple digit weather, in fact the average temperature has been touted as being near perfect year round. Not so for the past few years, but the thermometers are currently ridiculous. The thought of an icy stream in the shade of tall trees is appealing.

A man at the gym in Seattle became dehydrated and hit the floor with a bang, putting him into bed for a few days, which tells us to drink more water. Even our pets are drinking and stretching out on cool tile floors.

Dr. A has been boosting the color in the rear garden. I am amazed at his industry. Since I told him I find it hard to see darker colored flowers, he has been busily planting pale beauties in large pots. After he removed my cute white fig tree, he replaced it with a rather large flowering plum. Harvey, our paraplegic rabbit, found a new home among pots of pelargonium at the base of a bird bath. He peers out with indifferent eyes at the feathered invaders above him.

Our president tells us their is no such thing as climate change; it is just “weather”. Well yes, of course it is weather, and weather has waxed and waned throughout history, but if there is a change and we are encouraging the change, I think it is time for us to bite the bullet and begin thinking of the generations to come. Several years ago a friend who farms blueberries in Chile, told of the hole in the ozone layer which greatly contributed to increased heat. I have no argument with people who agree with the current President, only time will tell if he was right.

In the meantime, I ponder the variety of delicious and nutritious cold dinners. Our granddaughter, who has been living in London for some time, has recently moved to Barcelona, where the temperature this morning was 8l degrees, which in her case was desirable. She said the Spanish custom of tapas and sangria makes for a delightful dinner, after which a midnight swim under thousands of stars was just about perfect.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

20 thoughts on “IN THE HOT SEAT”

  1. Barcelona with tapas and sangria sounds wonderfully tempting right about now. I visited Barcelona once but was only there for a short time. Such an interesting city.


    1. l am particularly taken by swimming under the stars! The Spanish seem to know how to do it right. The afternoon siesta they love so much in the South is great too, though I imagine they need a bit of a lay about before venturing out about 9 .m.

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  2. Barcelona seems the place to be! I’ve never been there (yet!), but everything I’ve heard about it sounds appealing. On the subject of weather, we, here on the Pacific Western Coast, have had nothing but cold, damp weather for months and months. Spring seems to peek out for a day or so, then retreats. We would be grateful for a week or two of your weather, but that’s not the way it works!


    1. The Pacific Northwest had so much rain this year. Way beyond what people always said was what kept it so green. We had more rain this winter as well, and I would welcome some of it back about now.We’re never satisfied! A friend is moving from Seattle to Peoria, AZ which boggles my mind. Trading the wet stuff for 110 degrees today. Even with AC it’s a stretch.


  3. I find as I get older that I just can’t take the heat the way I used to. We’ve had a cool, rainy June here and people are complaining and asking “Aren’t we going to get any summer at all this year?” I’m just grateful we haven’t had floods, tornados or forest fires, as so many places in the world have.


    1. I don’t like the heat either. I’d much rather reach for a sweater! I know the Northwest got a tremendous amount of water this year. It seems that weather was more predictable years ago. It makes gardening hard too. We lost so much during the drought, and now this heat spell will be hard to keep up with. Some towns here in Northern Calif are promising temps of 112 later in the week.


  4. Hope it cools down soon, Kayti. This morning there was a slight hoarfrost on the grass and our roof. The cyclamens are delighted. The shortest day as well. We have been busy helping our daughter move to her new place closer to Sydney. Sooner than we like to think, 112 will be upon us as well. But, we now have AC.


    1. I like your time of year. The hoarfrost brings back memories of walking to school early Fall mornings. So many plants love the cool weather. We are in another race to perk ours up. We love the AC too.

      Will your daughter be closer to you now?


  5. I recently read an article which references new reports about reductions in the size of the hole in the ozone layer. Of course, it also points out some of the aspects of climate change that make it more difficult to deal with. If we could start by lowering the level of hysteria, that would be a start.

    I’m with you on heat vs. cool. I don’t mind working in the winter, but summer is getting harder every year. I suspect that’s due less to climate change than to age change. At 40, I never was bothered by heat. Now, at 70? I’m not a fan — I just look for fans!


    1. So true. At 18 I lay in the sun for hours to achieve a gorgeous tan, while drinking cold water and tossing water over my steaming body, then slipping into the nearby water. Older and wiser family shook their heads and cautioned me that I would be old and wrinkled before my time. They didn’t realize that the major danger might be skin cancer. During this latest heat wave I am happy to stay indoors taking advantage of AC.

      I am watching the news of hurricane Cindy and hoping it keeps its distance from you.


      1. I think it’s probably going to come in just east of us. It’s throwing all of its rain to the east, across MS, AL and FL (and LA, of course) but winds aren’t going to be an issue. They’re saying 50 mph will be tops, and we commonly get 35 mph with winter fronts, so that’s no biggie. I’m home for lunch and am heading back to work. There’s no action here yet, but it’s much cooler, and lovely, if cloudy.

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  6. What a thoughtful and loving husband you have, Kayti. Your painting is perfectly titled and your thought on climate change thoughtful. I feel strongly that we need to do something to address the issue for future generations. I want my grandchildren to experience the wonder of four temperate seasons as I have.


    1. The flowers are happily blooming away in spite of the extreme heat we have been having, We will have a few days of good weather since a fog belt came in over the Bay. It feels good. My niece said their pool was 94 degrees the night before last! Just like a bath tub.


  7. So pleased to hear that Harvey has found a new home! As you know we have had a very hot (for us) week, it was very hard work. Definitely very usual for the UK, at anytime let alone in June. And still they say “no climate change”, really do they think we are fools? The answer of course is “yes”. Back to normal drizzle and mildness, which is a relief, although I do miss a little sunshine! Keep cool and safe x


    1. The lovely fog blew in overnight and everything perked up–including me. Strange how someone can see extreme flooding on one side of a country, roasting temperature on the other side and tornadoes in the middle, and say it’s normal. I’m glad you are back to comfortable weather. Tough to garden in the heat.

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