Titillating news these days. Makes one almost eager to turn on the morning news to see who of our male counterparts has been outed on a given day. Media icons are falling by the wayside in heaps of blushing shame while the King of Inappropriate behavior smugly defends an Alabama judge accused of molesting teenagers.

Where is the fairness of it all? Numerous women were happy to condemn the King, but where are they now? Are they afraid to step forward, or have they somehow been coerced into silence. We were warned by the release of a tape of his own voice that his interpretation of Family Values fell short, but enough people Didn’t Care. Perhpas this is what is wrong with our country. Not enough people care.

The commonality of it all is that we have a tendency to chuckle as another poor fellow struggles in the throes of lost career, marriage and reputation. We are shocked beyond words to hear of extreme behavior on the part of beloved media icons accused of action befitting a grade school hopeful. I say this advisedly as I remember a fifth grade boy offering to show me His if I showed him Mine. Perhaps I should come forward to claim sexual harassment?

My husband, otherwise known as Dr. Advice, claims the example of the rooster, or the bull moose, or the male of all species, is unavoidably drawn to the female of his kind. This of course is an obvious truth, enabling the fauna of the world to exist. However, we might all assume that human males have evolved from the Caveman mentality. Apparently not, or—-is some of it FAKE NEWS?

Trump’s aggravation with the media is well known and his daily rants often become personal. Is it a coincidence that most of the abject rejects are media personnel?

Aside from the entertainment value of the Daily White House Chaos, what is happening to tax reform, health care, the Mexican wall, immegration? Is at least some of this Trump’s famous DISTRACTION trick? I look forward to tomorrow’s news.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

15 thoughts on “WHO’S NEXT?”

  1. Well said, Kayti. Here too, some women end up having a little sob on TV, while retelling how in 1989 a famous TV cook made inappropriate comments about a donkey or something, while trying snapping their bra strap on the bus.
    All of a sudden whole armies of self righteous TV men discuss the latest sexual scandal of a colleague who only yesterday was held in the highest regard. I half expect halos to appear around them.
    I can’t say I ever felt harassed when Liesa proudly showed me her little roseate buds behind the stacks of hardwood in the timber yard.


    1. Sadly, or perhaps fortunately, we will never know who was a fault in which interlude. Who knows, it may have seemed a good idea at the start, but for some reason it was not a pleasant experience. Whatever, I cannot get over my outrage that Trump himself is not on the hot seat. What’s good for the goose ought to be good for the gander..


      1. We have to somehow, Kayti, if we are to survive as a democratic nation. There is no doubt it is going to take a lot of work and leaders who can see beyond the moment for the long term interest of the nation and world.
        BTW, every time I write your name, I’m not sure whether it is Kate, Kayt, Kayti, or ??? Please enlighten me. 🙂 –Curt


  2. I read today that all Senators and Representatives will be undergoing “sexual harassment training.” They seem to be doing all right on their own; perhaps “anti-sexual harassment training” would be more in order.


  3. You are so right Linda. Today I read that there are “rapists in the state government! Nancy Pelose’s daughter made the announcement. And a poor choice of words. Embarrassing at the least for good men to be viewed as sexual predators. The old excuse is still out there about the way women dress as the cause, and the men can’t help themselves. Baloney!


  4. Some of us voted for Trump despite all of his baggage because his opponent Ms. Hillary and her despicable husband had more. What always mystified me was how the National Organization of Women ignored Bill Clinton’s many affairs and dalliances so that the Democrat agenda could be moved forward. Talk about hypocrisy.


  5. I would also argue that the way young women dress today, combined with alcohol and drugs or combined with pure testosterone does in fact contribute to what we are reading about. Not a popular opinion, for sure, but one I believe having watching high school students for over 40 years.


    1. No argument there Cheri.I see them walking past my house every day. I also remember a 60 Minutes show when Bill was running for President and his dalliances were brought out. Why the public looked the other way I will never know We have become a nation which doesn’t seem to care about the so-called Family Values.


  6. I, too, look forward to the daily news — with dread — though I fear that’s a contradictory statement. I share your dismay that “Not enough people care,” and have a glimmer of hope that the indifference might be changing with the defeat of Roy Moore and the electoral statement made by black women voters. I chuckled ruefully at “…I remember a fifth grade boy offering to show me His if I showed him Mine. Perhaps I should come forward to claim sexual harassment?” I had a similar experience and have entertained a similar thought.


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