I am attached to a seven year old computer who has given as much as taken through the years. It has suffered from hiccups on occasion, as we too have suffered. It has awakened in a black mood now and then, and haven’t we all? It has even decided I was on its hate list and refused to listen to wiser heads. But through it all, it has performed graciously.

Ingrate that I am however, I parked him in a rear closet and bought a new and unfamiliar model. Things were perking along famously for a week or so, though certain programs were gone forever or drastically misplaced. Suddenly without warning, it refused to open, and once opened, it refused to close.

My homesick button craved the return of the old silent computer, so the new one went back to the store with regrets. Thinking it might be beneficial to diagnose the old fellow, he paid a visit to the computer doctor where everything checked out fine.

Settling down to work, I discovered the diagnosis had removed my browser. Now a car cannot operate without gas, and a computer performs better with a browser. It has been a week trying to get the old one back with no success.

I’ll keep you posted.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

16 thoughts on “UP AND RUNNING (SORT OF)”

  1. Oh, my. These gadgets can frustrate, can’t they? Mine began freezing up last Saturday. The only way I could turn it off and back on was to unplug it, and go through that hassle. Since the problem seemed to be the browser, I decided to start with Comcast. Somehow, I got a polite, patient, English-speaking young man who obviously understands computers. After we figured out my connection wasn’t the problem, he walked me through some troubleshooting procedures, and we cleared it all up. I was astonished — best tech support I’ve ever gotten, for any device.

    So, may the great cyber gods smile on you, and grant you an equally satisfying experience! Did you get to see the big moon this morning? At this time of year, I can see the setting moon from my bed. When i woke about 5:45 and saw the eclipse had started, I thought, “How decadent would this be, to just lie abed and watch an eclipse?” But I got up and took a photo. I figured it was the least I could do, since we had clear skies.


    1. The excitement of the day was the moon. I was up to see it early too. Magnificent.

      I have been lucky so far with a lovely neighbor. Nice that you had such a good experience with a techie. There are so many things to go wrong. I remember many years ago before I had a computer, while visiting my daughter she told me to use Paint to fool around with her computer while she went out for awhile. She said that I couldn’t break it. How naive we all were.


  2. Yes, it’s gotten to the point where we can’t live with computers and we can’t live without them. They have come a long way towards being user friendly over the years, though. Or have we learned and adapted? Hope you get your browser back. However did you manage to write this post?


  3. There is always something, possibly because they keep adding things that we don’t need so that we are forced to buy new hardware and software. On the other hand, there are always things I like, sigh. Once every three years, whether I need it or not, I go out and buy a new laptop. I guess I am doing my bit for the economy, helping the one-percenters corner even more of the market… 🙂


  4. We can’t win Curt. May as well accept it. The trouble with this one is strictly browser. Got things going well again and suddenly Gremlins crept in again. Chrome, IE and Yahoo decided to have a war. And therein lies a lot of the problems. Too much stuff we keep playing with. We keep thinking something else may be better. Gotta learn to be satisfied with what works. I have both laptop and desktop, so the trick is to keep one of them working.


  5. They are forever ‘updating’ and one wonders if the whole world of computers is so fragile that it needs constant updating.
    Apple is being taken to Court because they allegedly deliberately slowed down older models so that this would improve the sale of newer and far more expensive models.
    A couple of weeks ago some scoundrel fleeced almost $1200.- from my credit card which I never even take out of my wallet. Fortunately, the amount was credited back, but even so!
    Beware of automated payments.


    1. I’m glad you got your money back. It’s scary. They said it would take several days to get the money back from returning the new computer, and it looks as if it is back now.
      I agree that it seems as if computer devices should be sturdier and not need updating so often. The returned computer wanted to charge for each update. Never had that happen before. We seem to be getting ripped off more frequently these days. Is it our grey hair?


  6. Hi from Arizona, AK,
    I am so sorry you are having computer problems and even sorrier that the new computer did not work out. Perhaps Cori can find you an IT person who can come to your house whenever you have a computer glitch. We know that Silicon Valley is teeming with them. Maybe Jan can find one. That way, whenever you have a problem, someone will come to fix it! Is this possible?


    1. Thanks Janet. Browser problem solved thanks to nice neighbor. I agree that tech is one o those things we don’t seem to be able to live without these days. One of the things which I find annoying is that in trying to make things simpler, many things have become more difficult. Could it be “age”?

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