It’s apparent that there is discrimination against pit bulls, people of other color and/or cultures. We are reminded that this is not a good thing. Get to know them and maybe you’ll like them. Except maybe the pit bulls. Other than the occasional rude hand signal or honked horn, people are generally kind to the elderly.

My puzzled rant today is against the DMV. Dr. A applied for his license renewal last February in advance of his May 92nd birthday.
He aced the test, but needed his eyes checked. He took the form in to the doctor and she signed it. The DMV lost the form, so he did it again. Still nothing so he went into the DMV where they gave him an appointment for sometime in July. When he didn’t hear again, they gave him another extension in September. Yesterday he got a phone call from DMV telling him to come in for a driving test next week. When he went over they said they knew nothing about it.

Could it be age discrimination?It’s hard enough being 92 without people thinking you are old.

I agree that older drivers may not be as sharp as in the past, but renewing a license to drive locally in daylight as long as all the other faculties are intact seems fair. Licenses are given to people who cannot speak our language and to thousands of teenagers without a second thought. Case in point, we have a large round about at the corner which teenagers routinely race into and around in the middle of the night. I don’t remember any nonagenarean doing this.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

12 thoughts on “AGE DISCRIMINATION?”

  1. Here here AK! You have been discriminated against! Ridiculous. …a government agency if I have ever seen one. Good luck. Love to Uncle Sam. He deserves to get his license. Love Cindy



  2. Actually, it sounds more like incompetence than discrimination. Here in BC, drivers aged 80 and above are required to take mental agility tests once every two years, unless they give up their licenses voluntarily, of course. If they pass that test, they may have to take a driving test.


    1. It appears to be incompetence indeed. When he went in yesterday he mentioned the name of the person who said they would call, but she was no longer employed! Checking that often sounds like a good plan as we obviously DO change with time. One friend 85 takes the test every year from now on. I’m comfortable without driving any longer, so much easier to just get hauled around.


  3. Same here. We re-applied for the age pension on the 9th of April. We went through hell trying to lodge all the paper work through the internet. Helvi had to do the same even though we are a couple under one name. Nothing has been heard since. Yesterday I went to the Centre-Link office to see how the application was ‘progressing.’ They told us to just keep ‘hanging’ in there.
    It is all so shifty now, Kayti. You can tell that the Government employees know the system is broken. They are made to lie and become complicit in the breakdown of services.
    We take great comfort from our Jack Russell Terriers.


    1. Yes Gerard I can almost hear Milo and Charlie chuckling about this ridiculous situation. There is absolutely no excuse for either yours or Sam’s problem. When he mentioned the name of the person who said she would call, they said she doesn’t work here anymore. Go figure.


  4. My husband got his dreaded “Letter” recently, and has to report in every two years. I’m sure it’s necessary, but I fear and resent it, since my turn is coming soon! My city does not have Uber yet, but when it comes, I intend to use it, and bypass all of this driving nonsense!


    1. As much as I am yelling about it, I agree we don’t need some older people on the freeway, or even on busy city streets. My husband still seems very capable, but who knows? The total incompetence of a so far trusted government office is appalling to me in this age of technology. As in any other business failures we can blame management.


  5. I just checked my license — not because of age, but because the last time I renewed it was for such a long time that I’ve been able to just ignore it for a good while. Now I see that it expires in 2019, so I have over a year before I have to run the gauntlet.

    Of course, the last time I renewed online, which was delightful. I hope I can do that again. If not, at least I have my iPad to take with me to the 27th Circle of Hell known as the DMV. I wonder what Dante would do with our current culture?


    1. Maybe he could have had Beatrice running through the lineup serving coffee and doughnuts. I sat in the car for four hours while Sam took the test in February.
      I took my last one online too and it was easy. For some reason he did not. I’m entirely comfortable with not driving, except I hate being dependent on anybody to get me where I want to go. Maybe I DO have that DG Cheri talked about with her mom.

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  6. Mrs. Lauderback, the DMV is just stupid and enormously incompetent. I had the same kinds of trouble getting my license renewed in April at the pleasanton DMV. It’s the most in inefficient, uncaring. slothful bureaucracy in the country.


    1. I always knew you were observant Deloris! Check Girard;s comment above from Australia. Same thing. It’s gotta be Government wherever. After getting paperwork done and handed in, Sam found they don’t even have it. Now if that doesn’t smack of discrimination I don’t know what it is.


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