When I was a little girl I wished on the evening star which sat high over my house no matter where I lived. I thought that star followed me because I was such a good little girl and it wanted me to be happy.

I wanted to be like Gail Hollandsteiner, whose family was rich had a housekeeper and she got away with not eating her breakfast before school. But then her father lost his job, and her parents got divorced, so I was happy that wasn’t me.

I took dancing lessons and in spite of getting new curly hair and cute costumes, Nancy Joy became the star of the show. I really hated her and the way her mother pushed to get her in the spotlight. But I kept dancing and when I was in my middle years my father watch a practice session. After the performance he said “Don;t call us, we’ll call you”. I’m glad he got to see I could still step-shuffle-step.

I wanted to live in one house all my life, but instead I got to move every year and live all over the country which turned out to be be a good thing because I got to see most of the 50 states by the time I was twelve.

i wanted to be the most popular girl in the class which was difficult when you are always the new girl, and not particularly good looking. I tried being the smartest, but kids don’t like being shown up; especially young boys. So I settled on being funny which you can accomplish in a short amount of time without making too many enemies.

I didn’t like my Grandma’s church, so I visited all the other churches in town and found that I’m just not religious. I really just wanted to sing in the choir. I also discovered the interesting history of the world in the time of the Bible stories, which certainly helped me win in the quiz shows we began watching on TV.

I wanted to play the piano, but we couldn’t afford one in the Depression, so I took up the guitar which turned out to be a lot better because you can take that around with you and play at parties which makes everyone happy.

I wanted to go to college when I graduated from high school but I got married instead which turned out to be the best thing I ever did. After my children came, a small voice whispered to me that it’s never too late, so I picked up where I had left off and that turned out to be a very good thing too.

During a lifetime of art, I found that teaching others was something that made me quite happy. Life gives us plenty of time to change our mind, and one path may be as good as another if we decide to take it.

I still look at my evening star every night which somehow has found me everywhere I live. Has my star helped me to be happy, or has it only shown me that happiness is up to me? My wishes now encompass so much more than a little girl’s fleeting desires that I sometimes wonder if my star is big enough to hold them all.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

8 thoughts on “WISHING ON A STAR”

  1. Of course your star’s big enough to hold all your wishes: and mine, and theirs, and even those over there. Its wish-holding power is infinitely expandable, which is good, since our wishes seem to be, too. Now, I just wish I’d been a little more practical when I was younger. I’d certainly be more secure now. On the other hand, I’ve had wonderful experiences, and I’ve not yet succumbed to the stress-related illnesses and conditions that seem to have afflicted so many of my friends. I say “have afflicted” not because they’ve recovered, but because they’re no longer around to have any kind of experience!


    1. Periodically I get quite good at writing condolence notes for friends who have dropped off the coil. They seem to come in more often these days. It is wise to cultivate younger people as you go along, so as to be sure you still have a circle of friends at the end. It is true that one’s world shrinks in time. But the opportunities for pleasure remain. You just have to look harder to find them. I feel sorry for friends who never learned to use the computer. They miss so much communication. Several women I know got rid of their husband’s computer after he passed on. It would be dreadful to have nothing to do but watch old sit-coms or game shows on TV. And yes, of course I remember Perry Como.


  2. That little wistful gal blossomed into a beautiful woman, and that star continues to watch over her! Those little disappointments in Life also train us into stronger people – invincible people if we chose to see our cups half full – or even overflowing no matter what the challenge. Perhaps that star represents your guardian angel/angels.


    1. I do believe that adversity develops stronger people. There is something to be said about overcoming an obstacle and coming out on the other side still in one piece. We are all survivors in some form. I like the idea of having a guardian angel.


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