It has occurred to me that I may be the oldest blogger still out there at age 90.The blogosphere has been a pleasurable part of my life for the past eight years. Through it I have visited all over the world and become friends with so many wonderful people. I have loved reading about your lives and experiences.

Unfortunately this will be my last post, due to failing eyesight. Thanks to all of you for being interested in what I have had to say through the years, whether it was informative or nonsense.
The very good Dr. Advice has just informed me that he will be happy to read your posts to me, so we will still stay in contact.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

20 thoughts on “EXEUNT”

  1. We have all enjoyed your posts for so many years and absolutely NONE were nonsense.
    Never say never because who knows?? You may go out to Safeway and have a negative experience with a transgender checker with a big attitude who might treat you and all of the other poor schmucks in line without the fear of discipline or job loss. Hopefully, this will not happen to you but if it does, you may be motivated to write a post on your blog.


    Let’s just say that this post is indicating a hiatus.

    Thanks for all of the great memories here at Pachofaunfinished!

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    1. Hi Gerard, I am sorry to leave, but Dr. A assures me he will read all your good thoughts He is now the designated reader of all recipes. It is a very good thing, because without interpretation he would not eat. Who knows? I can still write thanks to my high school typing class. I may just jump in if I find anything to say. Love to you and Helvi and of course Charlie send greetings to Milo.


  2. This has made me quite sad. I love to hear your tales of past and present and marvel at your wonderful art. Most of all though I will miss your great humanity, your interpretation of our strange species. But, what must be must be, I suppose. I wish you joy in your retirement, you will be missed xxx

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  3. I’m not surprised this moment has come, but I have to say it grieves me. I’ve loved your postings here: so full of warmth and humanity. I’ve met some wonderful people — both living and dead — who helped to shape you, and I’ve laughed more times than I can count at your wonderful sense of humor. The good news is that the blog archives will remain, so when I need a pick-me-up dose of Kayti, I can find it. And the world offers more ways to communicate than simply by blog. If Dr. Advice will keep an eye out for an email, we just might find a way to do that. After all — I can’t lose contact with the only woman who knows what I tossed off the Golden Gate Bridge!

    Love and many long-distance hugs! ~ Linda

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    1. Every time I cross the bridge I check the vault and the information remains inviolate. We have had such a great time of it, and with the good Dr. in residence there is no reason for it to end. I can still write, and if Georgia O’Keeffe could paint with no central vision, I can too. Remember my mail box, and we’ll stay in touch my dear friend.

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  4. Mommy,
    I am so sad to read tour last post! You are such a jem and no one will ever replace your thoughts and heart. You can verbally text/email your messages and Jim and I will be there to teach you how.

    Best regards,

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  5. Oh no! Iā€™m sorry Mom. You have brought joy to so many through your blogs. I am blessed that you continue to bring joy to my life.
    Love you Mama


  6. Dear Kayti,

    You are indeed a loss to the blogging world, which you have graced these eight years.

    Few are able to sustain the quality of your posts for so long and your projects are always ambitious and entertaining. Wisdom, autobiography and a taste of your wonderful art presented with perpetual kindness and courtesy bore your special hallmark. And, as Linda says, your readers know that they can always return for another viewing!

    You have been an example to everyone in the cheerful, undaunted way you have faced adversity and now nature has dictated that it is time for you to rest your eyes.

    You gave me unconditional support and encouragement in my blogging days and for that I am especially grateful.

    With all my regards and good wishes for for your future happiness.


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    1. Dear Richard,

      How very kind of you. The blogging world has been a remarkable engine in allowing me to toss out all the hidden memories and pet peeves through all these years. It humble me to know that you and others have enjoyed my sometimes ridiculous thoughts. The autobiographical posts were mostly for the benefit of progeny who might be surprised that Grandma had a life before them.

      I hear about you from Cheri from time to time, and it is good to know you are doing well. My Granddaughter is still living in London, and through her husband’s work travels often. Fortunate girl.

      Thank you for the wonderful posts you wrote about English history. I always enjoyed them so much. You have much to share.


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  7. I have also enjoyed reading your posts, it doesn’t matter if you can’t read our posts your stories and experience are a joy to read perhaps you could talk into your phone or computer and it will translate the words for you so that you can still post out but that often leads to hilarious spelling and grammar mistakes šŸ™‚ anyway Merry Christmas to you and a happy new year if I don’t get the opportunity to tell you later in the month.


  8. The last time I was ‘home’my sister announced to us (the other three) that her vision was now perfect.. and she had not had surgery…. she has been taking – for years – a bauch y lomb |(sp?) product – i think she said it was called Aareds I or something like that… Her opthomologist asked her, ‘I want to know what you’re doing/taking…’ and she told him, and the next time she was there, that product was in the office to recommend to his patients…

    It couldn’t hurt, dear beautiful and lovely woman!

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    1. What a dear girl you are! I know this product and have been taking it for a number of years now. Also recommended by opthalmologist. I suggested that my children also take it. My eldest daughter was told that she (at 69) may have this in her future. On a positive note: I have resumed painting, though not quite the same. I don’t think it is TOO bad but….

      Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. You are an inspiration.


      1. That is great to know, and I hope that modern medicine helps your daughter dodge this problem.
        I”ve often thought that the impressionist painters chose that option bcause of failing eyesight. it’s liberating and fun, and i suspect your future work will reflect that emotion!!!


  9. Remember that Monet went blind and Beethoven was deaf. It never bothered their work. Right now snow covered mountains have captured my imagination.

    Merry Christmas Lisa, and all good wishes for the coming year. I know it will be a good one for everyone.


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