It takes time to make a life change, and it doesn’t make it easier when you reach to so-called exalted age of 92 and 94. After living most of our adult lives in the Bay Area of Northern California, our family convinced us to move closer to them in Southern California, all of which was completed within October 2019 and January 2020.

We were cautioned to bring as little as possible, so between donating our long hoarded belongings and packing boxes for the moving company, we now find ourselves settled in a lovely home near the Santa Monica mountains just outside our back door.

Charlie, our obstreperous 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier has decided to like his new surroundings, which is a great help.

The actual moving was uneventful, but no one told me that addresses had to be changed etc. So much to think about let alone learning to cook on an electric stove. A few burnt pans later things seem to be shaping up.

My eyesight as failed miserably, so I ask your indulgence and [lease overlook typing mistakes. Our daughter got me a large keyboard from a blind organization. I can no longer see the keys, but after 80 some years of typing I know where most of themn are. It was time to make the move. Dr. Advice dragged his fet, but is adjusting.

The Village we have settled in is a resort of 2,000 hindidual homes with recreation, library, golf course etc. Much of which because of age and infirm bones will be unavailable, but lovely to see. There is a marvelous ceramic studio, akin to myy own which was sold.

Anyway, we find ourselves happy with family surrounding us—children, grandchildren and great grands. What could be finer?

So dear cyber friends I send greetings and love.