It takes time to make a life change, and it doesn’t make it easier when you reach to so-called exalted age of 92 and 94. After living most of our adult lives in the Bay Area of Northern California, our family convinced us to move closer to them in Southern California, all of which was completed within October 2019 and January 2020.

We were cautioned to bring as little as possible, so between donating our long hoarded belongings and packing boxes for the moving company, we now find ourselves settled in a lovely home near the Santa Monica mountains just outside our back door.

Charlie, our obstreperous 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier has decided to like his new surroundings, which is a great help.

The actual moving was uneventful, but no one told me that addresses had to be changed etc. So much to think about let alone learning to cook on an electric stove. A few burnt pans later things seem to be shaping up.

My eyesight as failed miserably, so I ask your indulgence and [lease overlook typing mistakes. Our daughter got me a large keyboard from a blind organization. I can no longer see the keys, but after 80 some years of typing I know where most of themn are. It was time to make the move. Dr. Advice dragged his fet, but is adjusting.

The Village we have settled in is a resort of 2,000 hindidual homes with recreation, library, golf course etc. Much of which because of age and infirm bones will be unavailable, but lovely to see. There is a marvelous ceramic studio, akin to myy own which was sold.

Anyway, we find ourselves happy with family surrounding us—children, grandchildren and great grands. What could be finer?

So dear cyber friends I send greetings and love.



Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

19 thoughts on “HELLO AGAIN!”

  1. Mrs. Lauderback!! Hello from the Northwest! Delores, here, now living in Springfield, Oregon and trying to get used to it. The house was a suicide grey when I moved in, but is now a sunny cream color. Spent ridiculous money on a big deck and two fences with arbors so I could have a back garden on the 5 acres. Now to plant! Got called out of retirement and spent 3 weeks in Australia on a tech writing gig. Spent my first paycheck on the biggest opals you ever saw!

    Glad to read you again! Love and hugs!


    1. What a disappointment to find your lovely white home turned ot to be dish water grey. I know it is gorgeous now. Three weeks in Australia sounds great. Were you anywhere near where the fires were? The media made it sound like they were everywhere. With a pallette of 5 acres, you will make a magnificent garden I know. I can envision roaes climbing all over your beautiful house. We have about 30 roses surrounding the house. Notsure what kind they are. Not hybrid. Had them trimmed back so I will throw some food on them in a few weeks. All the same. Grund keper does mowing and trimming everything else. Nice not to have to worry about that.

      Love, Mrs. L.


  2. Dear Kayti, It is SO good to hear from you and I will share your post with anyone I think may not see it. Walking Aubree this morning, I saw Bill Silberman walking with his walker and not far behind was Judy with a couple of friends. I’m headed up to Benicia to spend some time with the family then my chorus has a retreat this weekend … lots of fun, playing with a ukulele band and singing, singing, singing. Love you and miss you.


    1. Getting settled slow but sure. Still have boxex of stuff to go through. Fun to find things I had not hadd time to miss! We are getting back some of the fun wew have missed with litt and big grandchildren. Being able to pop in is strange and wonderful. We have been Savannas socvcer and that was a treat. Dont know how they can keep up running for 90 minutes straight. She is becoming quite a young lady and Lincoln is a charmer. We have very nice neighbors in the cul de sac. They keep to themselves and we do the same. Our son in law is delightful. Charlie has settled in and spends lots of time on the patio in sun.

      Bisous, Me


  3. Hi Auntie dear. So happy to see you posting. You did a great job and I’m so glad you are happy surrounded by your sweet attentive family. Sending hugs today to you. Love Linda

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Looking forward to seeing you next month. You will love this place. It has so many advantages in comparison. Shopping and nice restaurants close at hand. Jim knows all the good stuff. He is ap[t to pop in at any time with doughnuts, or to say it is National whatever day and lets go eat. My kind of guy.

      Love you AKL


  4. I was so pleased to see a notification in my email that you had published a post to your website. What a lot of effort goes into moving, and sorting out what to keep and what to let go of. I’m glad your move is completed and you’re living in a pleasant community. I’m sorry your eyesight has deteriorated especially because of your love of arts and your painitng, etc. I do know what you mean about typing. I learned touch=typing in high school on a big old Royal manual typewriter, and even though I was never a great typist, it has served me well. I too can pretty much find what on need on the keyboard without looking. My brother-in-law is legally blind and has a giant computer screen (TV) which helps keep up with correspondence, news, and photos of his grandchildren. They’ve had their first two grandchildren in the past year, and are over the moom. Keep up the writing and enjoy the benefits of living in lovely Santa Barbara — being closer to your family. (PS. I’m 72 and beginning to feel the effects of age — as my sister says, “Growing old is not for sissies.”)


    1. Yes, it is amazing what you can “see” when you cannot. I too am legally bling, but you find you know where things are like keyboard, light switches, microwave etc. Kind of like playing the piano or guitar or maybe a bicycle though I have give up the last one! Life is too good to miss out. All the best to you and say Bravo to your brother in law.


  5. Dear Aunt Kayti, Imagine my glee and total delight to see a post from PachoFaUnfinished. Indeed, you are an incredible work ongoing who ranks as one of my best role models ever. Alas, not being able to go to lunch at Massimo’s or Papillion has been a sad adjustment, from which I will get over. After all, you have been the the person who has taught me about accepting change and moving on. I look so forward to your writing. Keep it up! MUCH LOVE and MANY HUGS, Cheri


  6. So excited to have you back in my life again. You were in my thoughts very recently and I meant to message you but got diverted somewhere along the way. Glad you are settled in your new home. Look forward to reading more of your posts of love and wisdom. xxx


    1. Its good tobe back again after all the hulla-balloo! We have, of course, moved a few other times in our long life, but never seemed to run into so much red tape. changes of address, etc. Almost like losing your credit card. You are never sure who has your number, and who needs to be notified. Plus even though I am quite confident I have written passwords, I am unable to find them and need to change a few. But what a treat to suddenly have an exhuberent 7 year old throw his arms around you!xx00

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  7. Moving is difficult at any age, Kayti. It’s good to see you located with family that loves you. And good to know that Charlie has adjusted even though Dr. Advice still has some doubts. 🙂 The very best of luck in your new abode. –Curt


  8. I’m so happy to see your name again. In addition I have the excitement of your occasional typo. What a useful accomplishment it is to touch-type.

    You are as much an example of determination and pursuit of life as you ever were. Long may you reign!

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