We all remember the wonderful story THE KING AND I. During this time of isolation we are getting to know not only one another, but we find new truths in ourselves. Both of these are eye-opening. When forced or privileged to live in an enclosed environment, it can be difficult to maintain a certain civilized calm at times.

It is a great time to take stock of ourselves. A wise woman once told me that we are who we have always been, only more so. This is true. Consider anuy person of long acquaintance” Has their overall personality changed much during the years, or it it “more so”?

eIt ios a good thing for those who contemplate marriage. Do you like what you see in a time of panic or peace? And be honest. Do you like what you see in yourself?

A sometime motto of mine has bee “know what to overlook:. Non of us are perfect, and within this terrible pandemikc, nothing much if perfect.

Three months ago when we moved into this lovely community, things seemed [erfect.. Our pur[ose3 was to have our family close and they are that indeed. However, we like everyone else, cannot tough or hug. So we are left with those we actually live with.

I understand that China has reported a surge of divorce. We wonder how that could happen, but maybe they have learned who they actually are.

Dr. Adsvice contrary to what I might have said, is calm and in most case, logical. He has become more demanding and cannot understand wjhy things have not remained the same. It can be confusing. I, on the other hand, though I try to reain just as calm, will on occasion raise my voice to a higher decibel trying to explain the unex[plainable. This is not a good trait, so I must give Dr. Advice a higher score and work on my own aailing.

It has rained a great deal of the time in the past 3 months and that makes it clear that we need to stay home and isolated awhile longer.Family has been bringin food for which we are so grateful

Stay safe and maintain calm and common sense. We will all get through stronger than ever. Perhaps isolation is a test?

Stay safe.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

10 thoughts on “GETTING TO KNOW YOU”

  1. It certainly is a test, Katie, for most. Fortunately, myself and Mr. R. already lead a mostly secluded life – even before we retired our little cleaning business some time ago. That said, we do miss being able to hook up the camper-trailer and head off to waterside camping spots with our kayaks. We’d planned to head north, in May, to warmer climes, but now I get to stay snug at home! Nothing wrong with that. And I’ve got my blogging mojo back again. I’m so glad to have rediscovered you. Stay safe.

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      1. Eventually, Katie, just shy of three years ago now since I published with KDP. Haven’t done paperback yet, maybe this year after book 2 is done. Thanks for asking. 🙂


    1. So nice to talk to youyesterday. Thought I would write Lah, but I don’t have her email. so if you could send it. ad news here. Jim has cobid and is on a ventilator. We all hope for the best. They think Jan had it several weeks ago. Matt says he is coming home so that will give her a little more sup[port.


  2. It’s nice to see you posting again, Katie. I named my first child Kate, Katie. She is actually Katherine to give her some choice, but she has stuck with what we always called her. She is not named for anyone — though there are Katherines on both side of the family. I tried to name my children pretty straightforward names, just nice names without expectations.

    I agree totally with you on who were are and who we become in distressing circumstances. I have remained calm, and many of the things I would have missed, like my yoga, have now come to me through Zoom. I see some friends once a week on Zoom, which is refreshing (though COVID seems to always be one of our topics). Our family gets together on Sunday afternoons, and that’s the only time they’re all together, since only one lives close enough to actually see whenever I or they want (which is pretty frequently — a couple of times a month). The thing I will miss most is that we cannot go to Idaho (from Virginia) to be with my daughter who is having her seventh child about May 1. I really wanted to be there to help her and to keep the kids in line. At least her husband is working at home, so he will be there to prevent catastrophe, though his cooking skills, especially for a large family, will be challenged.

    It’s a very strange time, and while I agree that the measures we have taken have definitely mitigated the spread of this scourge, it’s getting to be the time when we get out and about a bit more. At some point we have to return to reality and live somewhat normally. I do wish they could test us all so we know who’s had it and who hasn’t. That would make a big difference in how we begin to reintegrate.

    Love your posts as always. Best wishes for continued health and well-being.

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    1. Hi Aunt Kayti, I love Val’s comment above, written with thought and logic. I agree wholeheartedly and don’t think I would put off that trip to Idaho. We have a cabin by a river in Montana, where second-homeowners have been discouraged from coming, which I do understand. But the time is coming where the economy must open up and that time, I believe, is soon.

      Kayti, keep writing! I love these revealing posts with all of your wisdom of many years.




    3. I am Kathryn, though I am a namesake of my great grandmother Kate. My mother became Kathryn known as Katie until in later life she liked Kathy. My granddaughter was named Katherine, though my daughter was aware that the “real” spelling was with an ryn. She has always been known as Kate. I began life as Katie Lou which I hated and got rid of it as soon as possible. Since my mother signed her name Katie, I changed mine to Kayti. I think Kathryn nomatter how it is spelled is a fine namne because you can turn it into so many more appellations. I actually prefer Kate.

      Happy Easter my friend.


  3. I hope you and Dr. Advice are remaining healthy, and finding ways to cope. Now that we have pandemonium in the streets as well as a pandemic, things are even more complicated. I can’t help thinking that some of the looter and rioters are less concerned with high-minded goals and simply taking an advantage of a chance to get out of the house. After all, the words ‘lockdown’ and ‘jailbreak’ always have belonged together.

    I’m doing well. I’ve been able to keep working throughout these weeks, since ‘isolation’ and ‘outdoors’ are the nature of my “office space.” We’ve been opening up since the beginning of May here in Texas, and so far, so good. What will happen post-riots is yet to be seen, but at least I can get my favorite fish tacos again!


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