To love and be loved. Isn’t that what we all want? While meeting with my group of high school “girl” friends yesterday, we discussed the dating habits of the old and much older. While feeling blessed to still have the love and companionship of Dr. A after nearly 70 years, I am aware that none of my other friends share this with me. Sunday seems to be the loneliest day of the week for most older women. During the week there are things to do, but Sunday drags on until Monday.

One friend recently moved to a lovely senior complex in Walnut Creek with park-like surroundings and nice individual homes. She is enjoying everything about it including the other residents. But she says she gets a little jealous when she see couples walking together, perhaps holding hands, and wishes she had that same opportunity. This is the same lady who rolls her eyes when she hears about her granddaughter living with her boyfriend in Italy without the benefit of a marriage license.

This disclosure opened up a lively discussion whereby some ladies thought it ridiculous at “our” age, and several others smiled and nodded while thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.


Yes, old people still have sex. That may shock some young people thinking there is probably a cut-off button somewhere in the 60 year range. Apparently nursing homes and senior residences are rampant with horny old people, who unbeknownst to the rest of us, still need to be cautious about HIV/Aids.

I was amused that our conversation bounced between “having done that once why would I want to do it again”?—to “it would be nice to have someone to have dinner and go to the movies with”.

Several years ago when one friend was a young 90 years old, she voiced an interest in a gentleman of the same vintage who lived across my street. She hoped I would introduce them, but since he was a grouchy old fellow, I told her she probably wouldn’t like him. Shortly thereafter he took up with a lady who lived near his vacation home. My friend is still lonely on Sundays.