Whether to scarify or beautify, man has marked his body in some form or other since time began.  The idea seems to be: since we have skin, we may as well decorate it.  Hair has this quality of change as well.  Which of us is satisfied “as is”.  It’s like advertising a house for sale “as is” if it clearly needs help.

The tattooed belly of the sailor of old, with dragons, sailing ships, etc. depicted in movies such as “South Pacific”, is humorous, especially when the individual has abs capable of giving motion to the artwork.

Today even the most delicate female can be adorned with designs of her choice.  One young woman of my acquaintance is having a work-in-progress incised upon her shoulder.  She has chosen do do an illustration of the seasons; spring, summer, fall and winter, all in one sketch.  As it was explained to me, the autumn leaves would be cascading down along the upper arm.  Very creative and singular.  As an artist, I am appreciative and somewhat in awe of the courage it must take to endure the pain of each puncture.

While reading my New York Times and enjoying a steaming cup of caramel latte (with extra whipped cream and caramel), I looked up and did a double-take toward the well-endowed young woman about to give her order to the barista.  Aside from her attire, which consisted of several pieces of bright mismatched garments, she had several earrings in each ear, a nose ring, and a large lip ring.  I could only imagine where else she might have a ring.  My feminine habit is to gaze up and then down, ostensibly to see what kind of shoes she is wearing.  I stopped at her legs.  Well-shaped they were indeed, and totally covered in the back with 2 inch stars in outline.  Fascinating.  As she turned, the pattern changed to a swarm of butterflies!  Advertising at its best.  She had me at the lip ring.  Yes, we have become moveable art galleries.  But the disadvantage is that the show can never change!  As has been stated previously, what cannot be changed, must be endured!

“For a long time, she flew only when  she thought no one else was watching!”