A friend and neighbor is leaving next week on a 3 week trip to Eastern Europe.  She is a recently retired high school physics teacher  and ruled her classroom with an iron hand for over 50 years!  No, that isn’t a missprint,; she is 88 years old. and even took time out to have children,  be somewhat of a community activist, and build a summer home at Lake Tahoe just a few years ago.

She is an adventurous sort, and on a recent trip to Costa Rica, she sampled zip-lining!  I wasn’t really sure just exactly what that was, but she assured me that it was great fun.

During a recent conversation comparing adventures, I mentioned a camel ride I had in Morocco a few years ago.  After All the beasts lay down in the sand, I climbed aboard a smelly, somewhat ragged pile of woven blankets strapped atop his back (I assumed it was a he), and ensconced myself into what surely was the mother of all flea incubators, all of whom were happy to know that we would be traveling companions for the day.  After giving me a malicious snarl, he reluctantly struggled to his feet, and at a given signal from the handler, they all lumbered off.

My friend then recounted her ride upon an elephant complete with houdah and mahout to smoothly guide them through a small forest of trees which were constantly sampled by her conveyance.  Certainly topped my camel ride story by a few feet!

How wonderful to sit so far off terra firma and be brushed by passing trees.  Surely it would give a voyeur a revealing look at the intimate life of treetop birds and animals.  I wondered how it would seem to the king of the early morning alarm clocks to sit and crow about it afterward.  So the rooster crowning the houdah was born!

As I wish my friend a good and safe journey, I am curious as to what her great adventure will be this trip, for she is surely not your average chicken, and if there is an adventure to be found it will  find her!