Consider the nose; of course we all have one, but do you ever REALLY look at the other remarkable noses?  Billions of noses and not one alike.  Remarkable when you think about  it.

As an artist, I am invariably aware of that protuberance when I look at those around me, whether to admire or to wonder how I could improve its appearance.

Many years ago, while working in my sculpture studio a young friend of my daughter suggested that I sculpt a nose for her that might improve what she thought lacked a certain panache.  I studied her carefully and kissed her on her nose and told her she was beautiful.

My mother was the possessor of a lovely Roman nose which caused her to be self-conscious the whole of her life.  She was a beautiful woman and not just because she was my mother.  Today people think nothing of trotting into the plastic surgeon store to choose any type of nose they desire.  No problem, but in some cases, they all look alike.  The real problem arises when repeated surgery is done.  (Think Michael Jackson).  They don’t realize that the nose they came with fits their face and gives them individuality.  Young girls in particular, stress over such things while growing into their own adult appearance.

In my sculpture and in painting as well, I am drawn to people who have distinctive noses.  Why waste time on a “perfect” nose?  Think of Michelangelo’s David.  Without that magnificent proboscis he might never have smelled Goliath’s garlic breath as he came to attack, but using his nose as well as his brain, he was able to whip out his slingshot and do the giant in.  Once on a trip to Florence, Italy, while browsing through a bookstore, I purchased a replica of David’s nose, which makes a majestic paperweight.

Certain races have similar nose construction.  The Asian races have smaller breathing apparatus, while others are frequently quite prominent.  The Scandinavian nose, such as my wonderful husband, and the Italian nose, such as my handsome son-in-law, are distinctive.  Remember, you are what you breathe.

The next time someone complains about his or her nose, just kiss their nose and tell them they’re beautiful.