Mrs. Lauderback  KSR

Of course you realize that we all have an Inner Bitch.  Yes, even you men, though you will have to find your own name for her.  Mine is Mrs. Lauderback, and she was active long before her sculpture came to be.  Her predecessor was taller, snobbier, and more opinionated.  Unfortunately, she took a tumble onto a tile floor during the earthquake of 1989, and ended up in the dustbin.

The Inner Bitch (or IB) can deliver all of the clever little retorts most of us are too slow to think of at the appropriate moment; sort of like Judge Judy.  None of us are calm and even-tempered ALL of the time, so the IB absorbs the real or imagined slight, and serves the purpose of keeping us civilized, keeps our blood pressure from flying out the window, all because WE are the only  ones who can hear her!  And because she takes on all the unpleasant  aspects of a disagreement, we retain our cool-headed demeanor thus ensuring at least a few friends.

So if you weren’t aware of your IB before, take a deeper look and reactivate her at once.

“There is a foolish corner in the brain

of the wisest man.”  Aristotle