Mothers of boys take note:  Please teach your sons basic survival in the kitchen of their future.  Sitting in the family room reading the paper and watching TV while cooking odors emerge from the kitchen, does not hack it.  It is hard to believe that some men are not familiar with much else in their kitchens except the cold cereal box.  At some point in their lives they will be required to present something edible to provide sustenance.  I have long suspicioned that Dr. Advice deliberately prepares oatmeal, canned baked beans, and scrambled eggs when I am incapacitated.  Oh sure, they always come on a tray with a flower and nicely a folded napkin, but really!

I am becoming bionic on next Wednesday, so in self-preservation, we have been holding cooking classes this week.  I am impressed with how fast he has learned–he has already graduated in dessert class, which makes me suspect that he has known all along and has just been dogging it.  His first attempt at apple and at lemon pies were great successes.  I keep pie crust in the freezer, so he also learned how to make that.  He developed a wonderful dessert with some puff pastry I keep. on hand.   I’m suspicious that he has chosen desserts as his major.  He loves corned beef hash (with an egg on top of course), so that became part of the class schedule, and it too was delicious.

He has run into one big problem however, and that is how to keep all the food ready and hot at the same time, and how to get it to the table while it has some residual warmth left.  There is a torrent of panic and loud conversation emanating from the kitchen while dinner is being prepared.  I guess it just takes more than a week’s experience to master all the culinary tricks.

He has learned one major lesson already:  it is very annoying when the diner is not sitting at the table or at least making a move toward it when the chef is ready to serve!