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MANY WINTERS by Nancy Wood If I had known before, all the things I know today, I would have begun my life as an old woman. Tricked by old men telling me there was nothing to fear Except leaving my youth behind. What would have been the fun of that? What home would my mistakes […]


Crow Print by Marvin Oliver It’s a shame that just when you get comfortable being youngish, you suddenly find yourself being classified as “elderly”. You see strangers being referred to as elderly when in their 70’s. I suppose we are lucky that the longest period of our lives is called middle age. But the middle […]


To love and be loved. Isn’t that what we all want? While meeting with my group of high school “girl” friends yesterday, we discussed the dating habits of the old and much older. While feeling blessed to still have the love and companionship of Dr. A after nearly 70 years, I am aware that none […]