There is no point in reminding people that Life is no longer fair. We all know that, and each day the scales become balanced in the other guy’s favor. The fashion scale favors the tall, thin and young. I am thin, but not tall and not particularly young.

High school reunions bring out the hope of putting in an appearance so elegant it will make the entire class wish they had been nicer to you when they had the chance. It’s only human nature.

Though not in San Francisco, Nordstrom is the best we have to offer on our side of the Bay, and I had expectations which after an hour or two were dashed into disappointment.

Clothing today is targeted to the very young and athletic, and in many cases untidy. I covered all departments of the store including the infants and lingerie, and decided that though I was willing to buy, there was nothing crying out for my credit card. The woman who has been my personal shopper for years is approaching retirement, and realizes that high quality elegant clothing is no longer selling.

Lately my husband and I have been watching and re-watching the 1920’s themed TV series “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”. The murders are suitably bloody, the 1920’s music is charming, Miss Fisher is adorably spunky, but over and above all that, the CLOTHES are a fashion triumph. But do they offer any of these garments in the local department stores? Not at all.

We have a large community of Asian people whose women are short, thin and a variety of ages, all of whom are usually well-turned out. I need to make friends and find out where they shop for clothes.

Meanwhile we will be attending my 70th High School reunion, and it really won’t make a bit of difference what I wear—it’s not really about the clothes.